Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ to feature flat displays and backs

26 October 2021
IceUniverse claims the upcoming flagships will look like the iPhone 13 series without a notch.

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so they look like the iPhone 14 actually which is rumored to switch to a hole-punch?!

  • Jacktackle

Its obvious after semi flat displays on s20 and s21 ultra and loosing to Xiaomi, they are going total flat and this time we shall see them below Oppo, Vivo, & even honor. Identity of samsung was a beautiful curve display. They lost their identity they lost the game. GAME OVER

  • Aadrian

When the edges are flat and therefore sharp, it's not really comfortable to hold for a longer period of time. I prefer a tapered edge but I am going for the Note design anyways.

Reading these comments tho. There's nothing OEMs will do that'll satisfy the average customer. If you want flat screens/back/edges, just get an Iphone. Don't get why ur fussing about the S22U not getting a flat screen.

  • LG

I love the edges of my Note10+ and I do not want fæat screen. Flat screens makes it feel like a brick. I want to upgrade to S22 Ultra but i'll rather not if this rumour is true. Why even bother..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2021Whatever it is, SD card is a mustYeah lets all pretend they'll come it S.d card slot

AnonF-1013367, 26 Oct 2021GN5 will be 2 μm pixel sizeRumors say S22 will use GN1

  • Anonymous

Samsung camera hardware re good enough. Just improve ur software processing.

Good hardware + good software processing = consistent outcome.

  • Anonymous

Can’t wait!

  • Anonymous

doodle, 26 Oct 2021Curved edge has no real world use case other than chipping ... moreI agree with u

  • cyber

not flat enough,i want them s4 like flat and that size too,anything beyond 5 inches is a pain to use

  • No

No, it doesn't imply that the sides are also flat. Don't twist the man's words.

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2021Square edges just make the phone bigger. It isn't wort... moreCurved edge has no real world use case other than chipping away already limited mobile screen real estate. It also presents problems for those who'd like to apply screen protector.

Seriously, tell me who needs to take a 108MP photo with a mobile phone? I'd be happy with 24MP with better low light capability. Not that I could afford it, but I'd buy a Hasselblad camera instead if I needed to take 100MP photos.

what? we Note users, wanted flat screen and its logical to stylus use.
but Samsung diching curve on this 2 and keeping curve for Ultra/Note model is not okay for me, or at least make screen flat and keep curve at the back.

  • Anonymous

Square edges just make the phone bigger. It isn't worth it when you spend hundreds of your money.

  • Anonymous

Flat display and plastic back are both more sensible choices than curved glass.

  • AnonD-940827

And s22 ultra got the old huge edged screen we saw on s7 edge.

  • Anonymous

Flat sides: are OK
Flat screen: appreciated
Compact size is welcome ​
Battery capacity is okay for the screen size
Slower charging is fine to me since the battery isn't very big

Hope the bezels aren't too skinny or it can be a problem with phone cases

  • AnonF-1013367

LG Superfan, 26 Oct 2021If rumors are true the three phones cameras performance mig... moreGN5 will be 2 μm pixel size