Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ to feature flat displays and backs

Michail, 26 October 2021

We’ve already seen several renders of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 series so far including a leak from earlier this month that showed us what the supposed displays of the S22 and S22+ might look like. Now, IceUniverse is here to corroborate these rumors claiming the two phones will have symmetrical bezels on their flat displays as well as flat backs.

Based on the tweet the two smaller S22 members will have flat displays with symmetrical bezels and flat backs just like on the Galaxy S21 and S21+ phones. The leakster even goes as far as saying that the pair look like the iPhone 13 series without a notch. This comparison would imply that the S22 series will have flat sides like Apple’s phones though past renders have consistently shown rounded frames on all three models.

In addition to his S22 and S22+ leak, Ice Universe also shared details about the S22 Ultra's camera setup. The specs behind the cameras on the Ultra have been subject to many changes and this is the most up-to-date info on the matter currently.

It seems the changes will be minor with a slightly improved 108MP main shooter alongside the same 12MP ultrawide camera and new smaller Sony sensors for the 10MP 3x telephoto and 10MP periscope cameras.


Reader comments

  • 2turban

Please don't troll like this. You are the reason Samsung is taking away features. I require an SD card slot to store music. FLAC files can get large. If they offered a 2TB storage option I would buy one, but they dont. 512gb is not enough. The t...

  • Derick

The phone doesn't have a headphone Jack and it's so much thicker

  • applefanboi

what year is this? 2010? most of us have already moved on with our TWS earphones and cloud storage.... having a hole and extra card slots would just make the phone cumbersome and ugly.

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