Image of Meta's smartwatch found inside the Ray-Ban Stories app and it shows a camera

29 October 2021
A watch with a front-facing camera could be used for selfies and video calls. This will pair nicely with the glasses. 

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2021I don't like it already; HUGE bezels around the screen... moreHow is that huge? Have you ever held a watch in your life?

Who's gonna buy one? Esp from a company that's infamous when it comes to privacy

good luck with privacy and battery life

  • Anonymous

I don't like it already; HUGE bezels around the screen real estate is a waste; no hint of spec's but dead against the $400 price tag. Nothing special to see here, move along...

  • Anonymous

This reminds me from the days of Samsung Galaxy Gear and Gear 2. I definitely miss having a camera on a smartwatch.

When is Zuckerberg going into space with his mates Bezos and Musk?

  • Anonymous

I think this is the only article on GSMArena that everyone will agree upon one point without arguments: that Facebook is data-hungry and wants something to crunch upon!

  • Anonymous

With iOS and Android stressing on Privacy features big time, Facebook, no, Meta had only one way to get access to us our data: smart wearables. Easy and cheap to design, engineer and manufacture and even easier to get access to whatever they want, data.

Facebook: makes a new product that fails and don't know why
also facebook: puts camera on everything

Built in spy camera lol

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2021Not the first who have camera. There are kids watches long ... moreyou know the purpose of a camera in a kids watch, right? nobody minds having a camera, everyone minds how that camera would be used.

  • Anonymous

yea nobody wants zucc watching u sleep

  • anon

Hopefully that watch gets banned from everywhere like google glass. Facebook is the worst company to give extra information to. No watch should have a camera in it for privacy/security purposes.

  • Anonymous

SA007, 29 Oct 2021I can't imagine any other legit company putting a came... moreNot the first who have camera. There are kids watches long ago with a camera

  • Tsouis

Trash watch for tracking

Could have been a good spy device if it had the camera invisible (under display)

Won't it feel weird to talk to your hand in public, I mean your watch when you have it wrapped onto your wrist?

I can't imagine any other legit company putting a camera on a smartwatch. Facebook, oops, Meta, probably wants large-scale data collection of people's faces now.

  • Anonymous

Good luck with your privacy with this Meta Facebook watch 🤣🤣🤣

  • Anonymous

They decided to copy Apple Watch and ASUS ZenWatch and do it really badly. Also front facing camera. Not that privacy means anything to Fecesbook, I mean Meta, but you know...