Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra leaks in hands-on shots

05 November 2021
Behold, the first Galaxy S phone with a built-in S Pen.

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Rimbogner, 06 Nov 2021If that is the S22 that is truly the most ugly Galaxy phone... moreYeah, because iPhones are so pretty... and consumer friendly...

Nothing new just an another same looking smartphone 🤷‍♂️

I don't care about design. I don't care about useless camera comparisons when you need to zoom in to notice a difference and most photos are just uploaded on FB or IG that nobody would care about its quality.

What matters is HORSEPOWER and Samsung uses the best SoCs and Google does not for the last two generations. Samsung is becoming a real legend in tech. Google is only remembered for their services and software. Not hardware.

I didn't get the Note 20 Ultra and my Note 10 Plus is clocking 2 years of age later this month. Still has 93% battery health. Was careless in my charging habits for it's first 6 months. I'm getting this phone.

better camera design than S21 shyty family

  • miguel


  • Anonymous

Guess I'll be getting an Xperia Pro-I then...

The king is back , the Note series is back 🙌 😎 👏.it seems that I will celebrate my birthday earlier this year 😀 😄 😉

Wished Samsung would get away from the rounded edges. Hoping the battery is on par with the original Ultra (if not better)

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Nick Tegrataker, 06 Nov 2021A spiritual successor of Note 20 Ultra.The back looks much better than that of the Note 20 Ultra.

I love youuuuuuu s22ultra in 2022(commig soon)
Wow design

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2021It's obviously fake. Come on people.we can only hope...

Sid, 06 Nov 2021Thankfully no one gives a rats ass abotu your opinion becau... moreIn that case, if they change the design to be worse than it is. I may consider going to MiUI or similar.
Also, you can just use a Pixel if you want the Material You design, Google kinda has the same level of hardware that Samsung got so there's isn't much differences.


  • Rimbogner

If that is the S22 that is truly the most ugly Galaxy phone yet. Truly hideous, and if the leaked specs are correct it is the tiniest upgrade over S21, next generation processor and minimal camera upgrade.

Time to jump ship for Apple I think for me

A spiritual successor of Note 20 Ultra.

Very square.

  • Anonymous

I just hope they confirm that the s22 ultra is the replacement of the note series. Because I don't want to buy this phone for Samsung to then release the note series a few months later.

All en all, I'm rocking the note 10 plus, so anything is an improvement, but I wasn't happy with the improvements on the note 20 ultra.

Another PoS with a display broken straight out of the factory.

  • Anonymous

808, 06 Nov 2021Samsung needs to come up with a new UI design. Same old UI ... moreThat was S 10 camera design on Pixel 6 and the S22 Ultra camera is great