Motorola Edge 30 Ultra full specs leak, 144Hz screen and 68W charging in tow

09 November 2021
It's rumored to be called the Moto Edge X in China.

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  • Ali

No expandable memory no headphone jack is little bit annoying likewise remaining features are good.
But you haven't include market price

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2021I really hope this time around they get a proper stereo speakers.I am fully agreed. This time they should give STEREO SPEAKERS WITH DOLBY ATMOS SOUND too... Lenovo K 4 Note was having stereo speakers and sound but Motorola, in this segment, is lacking so much behind.

  • Jnnk

No headphone jack,no memory card slot...and yeah thats a big No,No...

  • Anonymous

Through in Google cam mod and the camera output becomes 50-60% superior to stock!

  • Anonymous

I really hope this time around they get a proper stereo speakers.

  • George

Leo16, 10 Nov 2021This is the perfect phone for me, I don't care about t... moreProbably just plastic back, like the Moto G100, not the whole body made out of plastic.

  • Anonymous

Just sad they completely ditched 3.5mm jack & expandable storage & now following trends for the purpose of selling their garbage wireless head/earphones. Don't mind it being mono if it had 3.5mm jack coz mostly use wired head/earphones anyway when it comes to media consumption or even gaming.

Guess Ill have to wait for Sony prices to drop probably early next year to buy their product & stick to them aslong as they dont remove standard features.

  • linuxbeastmaster


No wired headphones means no FM radio!!!

If they can just find a way

Farron, 09 Nov 2021No stereo speakers = Not gonna purchase this phone. Mot... moreDude, this phone will come with stereo speakers according to the current leaks.

This is the perfect phone for me, I don't care about the plastic build as I always use the silicon case and my current Edge 2020 has some plastic but doesn't feel cheap at all, the Camera specs are not the greatest but has 60 mp selfie camera which is more important to me as I mostly use the cameras for video calls, I rarely take pictures or record videos, the battery is large and it will come with stereo speakers.
I kept posting on Motorola page about making a phone with Snaprdagon 888+ and stereo speakers and that Edge 20 pro is not good enough to replace my current Edge 2020 with, looks like they heard me.
Thank you Motorola , you have never disappointed me in the past 20 years.

  • Anonymous

So the Edge 20 pro is dead in less than 6 months of it´s launch.

Thank god i have waited and kept my Edge with me

Aierlan, 10 Nov 2021Bear in mind the competition as well. The early snapdragon... moreMan and since when Xiaomi asked 1000+ for their phone.
Only foldable one cost that much nothing else.
Their best flagship Mi 11 ultra cost from 720 bucks same goes for T model which came out 2 weeks ago.

  • AlienKiss

Aierlan, 10 Nov 2021Bear in mind the competition as well. The early snapdragon... moreYou must be crazy to pay 1000 plus euro on a china brand 😂.
I wouldn't use one even if you'd give it to me as a gift and pay me daily! 🤮

  • Www


CptPower, 09 Nov 2021Man its a plastic phone with many cons like lack of SD card... moreBear in mind the competition as well. The early snapdragon 11 phones are likely to be around 800 euro and for that price they will also probably only come with ultrawide and main cameras. If the rumours are correct at least Motorola are using a better main camera sensor on this with OIS and a better ultrawide than the previous generation. I wouldn't expect it to have all the very best as Motorola is not going to be able to sell a phone for over 1,000 euro. Other brands like Xiaomi and Oppo will charge well over 1,000 euro for their flagship devices. I don't think Motorola can go toe to toe with them so they have to make some comprimises and charge a cheaper price

Well only selfie camera looks promising rest is really sorry i have to say.

Fanboy of All brands, 09 Nov 2021If priced right ($599) it will be a hit Man its a plastic phone with many cons like lack of SD card and only 2MP depth sensor.
Also no headphone jack specs like this a 399 eur price will be more desirable.
But selfie shooter looks promising.

  • Anonymous

Aierlan, 09 Nov 2021There is no company offering better specs for the price in ... moreThere is no indication moto will make good use of any sensor..
These specs are run of the mill china phone... With trash software and camera tuning.. nice spec on paper but that screen will most likely be just as bad as the one on the Lenovo legion phone ..

  • Farron

No stereo speakers = Not gonna purchase this phone.

Moto doesn't shine in the camera department. That is already a negative. The thing they excel is software experience. But a phone with neither headphone jack, nor stereo speakers is just not worth it for media consumption, however good the software experience maybe.

Might as well go with Xiaomi, the hardware is spot on, at the cost of software experience.

Dometalican, 09 Nov 2021I'm...not They cut way too many corners for... moreI agree with you.