YouTube will start hiding dislike counts on all videos across the platform

11 November 2021
Creators will still be able to see the number of dislikes on videos.

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Honky, 05 Dec 2021Simple way to show YT how you don't like that controve... moreSo THAT's why I still see dislikes on videos even after it got thanos snapped, lol

(using the dislike extension btw)

  • Anonymous

They turned off my you tube app.

  • ianmi

youtube as every modern plataform always "improving" with disasters, such a bunch of cowards
it has no sense to hide dislikes as anyone can still dislike a video

  • Honky

Simple way to show YT how you don't like that controversial decision: ***Dislike ALL videos*** Sure, it hurts disliking good content but what YT did there is more hurtful for us all.

  • Johnny

beer2beer, 12 Nov 2021A Blockchain-based decentralized video sharing platform is ... moreIt's called THETA go download the app!

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Now anyone can claim their like ratio is at 99% brilliant! c:

  • Anonymous

Well, if YouTube really wants to keep small creators "safe," then wouldn't they have actually done something good instead of randomly demonetizing, striking, and even deleting the accounts of content creators just because the "AI-assisted" algorithm found it "offensive" (even if there's nothing wrong with their content) or just... NO reason at all?!
Moreover, I think they should have reconsidered removing the dislike count, considering that there's a HUGE ABUNDANCE OF VIDEOS THAT ARE EITHER CLICKBAIT, TUTORIALS THAT JUST DON'T WORK AT ALL, SKETCHY, OR OBVIOUSLY ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO MAKE BAD DECISIONS IN THEIR LIVES AND PUT THEMSELVES IN DANGER. The removal of the dislike count will probably result in more kids falling for the fake "5-minutes-craft-esque" videos and joining trends that can be extremely dangerous and deadly without knowing that their world might suddenly turn dark.
This will also make the clickbaiters, "free robux" scammers, people who upload shock value videos just for clout, creators that support anything that's immoral, and even video-making trolls, feel more CONFIDENT.
In conclusion, I don't think this kind of decision will help YouTube and its community. Instead, it can just potentially cause more problems. No wonder there is such thing as YouTube alternatives like PeerTube and BitChute...

(Sorry for the long comment, just wanted to share my opinion here)

i0S.- Never.- Again, 12 Nov 2021They want an utopian "everybody gets a trophy, nobody ... moreExcept perhaps the enormous manipulation of the comments sectio, shadow banning, deleting posts, deleting accounts etc. Youtube is probably like gestapo, with billions to carry out their curious plans. And an ever changing agenda, every few months.

  • Fred

Oh wow speechless

Now people will start commenting "don't watch this video and waste time", giving others the opportunity same as dislike :v

  • Johhny

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2021I'm leaving youtube.This is where Theta will succeed all because Corona videos have dislikes. People know whats going on!

AlienKiss, 11 Nov 2021Strange.. Last time I checked I could freely walk out the s... moreYou clearly can't see through the illusion, maybe a few more years of experience on planet earth will help you see the real picture.

TheLastOracle, 11 Nov 2021How exactly is bullying related to dislikes? Comments, I co... moreThey want an utopian "everybody gets a trophy, nobody loses, nobody feels bad" world.

beer2beer, 12 Nov 2021A Blockchain-based decentralized video sharing platform is ... moreCrypto is cringe

AlienKiss, 12 Nov 2021This website is from Europe. I don't want to be rude ... moreIt's a conservative's way of Saying "f*ck Joe Biden" (the US president). Brandon was just some NASCAR racer and while he was talking to some reporter the crowd was shouting what I just said, and the reporter misheard it as "Let's go brandon", so now you see trumpers saying that every second. Idk why they don't just say what they want

  • Anonymous

I'm leaving youtube.

A Blockchain-based decentralized video sharing platform is the solution and there is no way for Youtube and others to avoid that. The real freedom of speech is just starting...

  • AlienKiss

Anders, 11 Nov 2021GSMarena are biased Biden supporters. They've sent my ... moreThis website is from Europe.
I don't want to be rude or anything, but who is this Brandon guy? Never heard of him...

  • Cash

Small hats have no limit

  • Anonymous

"This is beyond disgusting. What's next? They'll automatically hide comments that some AI algorithm deemed negative?"

Where are you living? They have done it for years already. 🤣