OnePlus 10 series design, specs and supposed launch time frame revealed

15 November 2021
The Pro version is rumored to come with 125W fast charging.

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like this

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notafanboy, 15 Nov 2021Where is my damn periscope? In late 2021 it's unaccept... more1st world problems


Ron, 15 Nov 2021It's like iPhone 13 and Galaxy S21 had sex 👻Luv child of the two 😂

Where is my damn periscope? In late 2021 it's unacceptable for a flagship to exist without a periscope.

Wow, a brand new design to a phone....... Said no one ever. Same old boring shit

Sorry, no more made in China phones. And yes, that includes you Google. What a mess.

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ugly af!!

Anonymous, 15 Nov 2021Sony brought the 3.5 backhow long will that last?

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DMX, 15 Nov 2021By now they should know that neither the sd reader nor the ... moreSony brought the 3.5 back

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Shellyman Studios, 15 Nov 2021Every year, OnePlus phones are launching earlier and earlier. It makes more sense this year as they skipped the 'T'. Might also be aligned with Samsung's flagship launch timeframe.

Personally, I would much prefer that OnePlus launch only one flagship phone per year, and focus on software update quality, especially with respect to major Android version changes.

I must confess, smartphone cameras are becoming scary and ... Are they gon make 6.2" variant?

Samsung and Huawei wouldn't be proud of how they combined their designs into this thingy..

I don't like the camera bump blending into the frame, but over all I love this look. Looks way better than the Pixel 6 back IMO.

The back looks like the Realme 8 series

Krika, 15 Nov 2021Now if it came with a 5.5" or maximum of 6" scree... moreBy now you should realise its not possible and impractical,battery life ,cooling system all compromised heavily...iphone mini dint sell well and they are stopping next year

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OldVillainousHeavens, 15 Nov 2021They had to put Hasselblad there out of all places. Would&... moreon the chin is where cheap companies put their brand, HB isn't a phone brand, so they obviously put the brand where is was most suitable.
But anyway who cares ? do you use your phone facing the screen or the back ?

They had to put Hasselblad there out of all places.
Would've been better on the chin

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Render of the device. Almost an iphone.

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zillion, 15 Nov 2021Why the rear camera island doesn't put on the center? ... moreTo keep it away from the CPU.
The heat of the CPU can damage the sensors if the phone gets too hot.

Yes, it looks better in the center, like 7 series.