Balmuda Phone unveiled with 4.9” display, pebble-shaped design

16 November 2021
Pre-orders in Japan start tomorrow for JPY 104,800 ($916).

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  • hmm

Looks good even tough it's dumb to have so much bezel and then have punch hole screen.
The rear is good without the dumb camera pump that all phones have these days. Well now they have holes in the back for camera so it makes me think why they need all the pumps on other phones. But the price of it just dont make any sense. Like 900 for a SD765 phone. To be honest i would think even 250 euro be a bit too much for this phone

Omg finally, i hate over 5.5 inch phones (which around 99% of smartphones these days). I love the size and how it looks and the back curve, hopefully it's waterproof as well. Though $916?? Isn't that way too expensive?

It's pretty ugly.

That is really cute! I agree with the other comment of something fresh in design. Really like it a lot. Will sell well this will. Great thing about Android is the choice of designs like this one...

Though i crave for small sized phones but this is a dumb design.. Plastic. 900+USD. With all the bezels, why punch hole again?.. Thank God it's for Japanese market only

  • Wkk

Finaly something fresh...looking good.

hope this hit international space, but not at that price.

This really could sell well at 250-300 euros/dollars price range.