Balmuda Phone unveiled with 4.9” display, pebble-shaped design

16 November 2021
Pre-orders in Japan start tomorrow for JPY 104,800 ($916).

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  • Anonymous

Nice design except for stupid punch hole. This device think it can compete against iPhone 13 Mini with similar price, wtf.

  • cyber

another overpriced trash

$916 for a SD765 phone? I can literally get a SD870 phone with a third of that price.

900$? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Size and specs good but design is shit

  • Anonymous

OMG 😱 I want this phone!! Someone from Japan, if you reading this. Tell me how am I going to get it (order)?? 😱😱😱 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Anonymous

sohail shafayat, 17 Nov 2021Neither 16:9 nor 21:9 is good, 18:9 is the best solution Hmm 18:9 is sweet spot

Price is unreasonable

Reading the specs I thought this is it the smartphone for those tiny handed cry babies but they lost me on the price

Nick Tegrataker, 16 Nov 2021How about 16:9 display (presumably the quality isn't v... moreI agree with you that the price is definitely high, but having a single camera doesn't mean it's a disadvantage. I'm assuming they don't plan on selling that many so they jacked up the price.

The punch-hole does not need to be there when they can work with the bezels, but that's what they decided. It's definitely an extremely niche device.

they are new for this phone market, yet put it on overprice category right away. too confident.

  • Anonymous

AM Bunny, 16 Nov 2021Balmuda, sounds funny but they might have found a "nic... moreSamsung user here. I use samsung not because it comes with Android. It's more likely because of the phone design, its simple innovative One UI and also great ecosystem.

CptPower, 16 Nov 2021Knew Sony is insanely overpriced as always and now other Ja... moreI love to see you mentioning Sony when the article isn't even about them and nobody brought it up.

This phone is pretty overpriced ngl, why is there a punch-hole when they don't need it. The design is interesting tho

  • Hi from Canada

Bring any REAL decent android compact smartphone here A.S.A.P. !
Sub 5 inch. Almost no bezel. 135 cm max.
There's a market for it.
Come on. No competition for the time being.

  • Anonymous

Reminds me of palm pre.
It was such a fascinating phone

  • Irham

using punch hole for selfie camera, while the bezel is still big. so weird...

  • AnonD-909757

Anonymous, 16 Nov 2021Mini phones that will lack: - larger cam sensors becaus... moreThat's some big typical anonymous user BS you are saying right here.

-Samsung S10e vs S10 & S10 Plus = Same main camera sensor.
Same story with iPhone 12/13 Mini vs base.
And the phone could simply be made thicker.

-Is it really needed anyway?
People wanting smaller phones are probably willing to accept the sacrifices, and the phones could simply be made thicker.

-Not everybody is obsessed with 120Hz, I couldn't care less about it, and it can still be done, again, the phones could simply be made thicker.

-The S10e doesn't seem to have particularly more overheating issues compared to its bigger brothers, but again, the phones could simply be made thicker.

-Well, simple : The phones could simply be made thicker.

-Duh! People wanting smaller phones won't complain that the display is too small, it is what they want.
Yeah, I know, making the phone thicker won't change the display size...

The smaller something is, mainly is width, the thicker it needs to be in order to stay comfortable, that's why despite having a really simple slim PCB, smartphone remotes are much thicker than smartphones, same story apply for basically everything, and thickness isn't what make the phone harder to put in a pocket, wide + tall + thick, yes, but short + narrow + thick isn't an issue.
The reason why thicker phones aren't more available isn't because people don't like them, it is because the anti-thick and/or slim smartphone obsessed have killed it, the same way they killed small phones, 3.5mm Jack, pop up camera, real zoom camera, and many other nice and useful things.

Why it is so hard to just accept that other phones than those you like could exist in the market without having to fight against them?

Nick Tegrataker, 16 Nov 2021How about 16:9 display (presumably the quality isn't v... moreNeither 16:9 nor 21:9 is good, 18:9 is the best solution

  • AnonD-909757

Anonymous, 16 Nov 2021Thats some weird request when there is nothing below 6 inch... moreThe iPhone 12/13 mini can both run PUBG without any issues, and they are both under 6" with their 5.4" display size.
In fact, the iPhone SE 2020 who have a 4.7" display can run PUBG.
On the Android side, the 5.87" Pixel 4a can run smoothly PUBG, the popular 5.8" Galaxy S10e easily run it, and the 5.9" Zenfone 8 with its SD888 obviously can (I haven't checked, but I don't need to, it is a no-brainer that it can).

And if there wasn't this small smartphone hate, there would be more of the smaller phones and some would definitely be high-end performances.