Xiaomi 12 Ultra camera specs leak, could be joined by a 12 Ultra Enhanced Edition

18 November 2021
Three lossless zoom modes are expected.

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Im naively waiting for a new model with exactly same features of mi 11 ultra, and plus (+) a 5mp macro feature.

I used M51 for a couple of weeks and its macro feature totally changed my idea about macro ability.. and since then i decided that macro is a must..

they did mi 10 ultra with macro feature.. but without IP rating.. : (
and this one has IP 68 but no macro.. : / I humbly hope it will happen soon..

  • Neil

"A new under-display fingerprint reader is also mentioned in the report but we are yet to see what benefits that will offer."

Hopefully it will be much better than the one on the 11 Ultra, that fails to read fingerprints far more than I care to mention.

Ahh I love how everyone is debating if that ov48c is better than gn2 or gn5. Truth is, all three are flagship sensors and great. It doesn't matter if it lost a single pixel fo detail or not. But however proffesional photography wise 1 or 2mp of detail does matter. But what I'm trying to think is what are the main differences aside from gn5 and sd 8 gen1 (sd 898).

  • youareRyt

Turbo Bork, 19 Nov 20211) Technically, specification wise, the GN2 appeared to be ... moretrue.. each sensor and lens combination must go through series of iteration , to tap into its full potential .... the leadership decides however based on market conditions and times accordingly!

  • Iphonegopro

Whoever was in charge of choosing the date, good on ya

  • AnonD-909757

Carnage, 19 Nov 202148MP for macro? The one's who lost their minds would ... moreLet's be clear, I am not an MegaPixels zombie, I am against sub-12Mp sensors, 12Mp have been for a while an industry standard, and older (2016/2017) smartphones used to avoid getting under it for secondary camera, even when at this time secondary camera just started to be a thing.
Look at the Xiaomi Mi 6 and Xiaomi Mi Note 3 for example, two 12Mp camera.
Or the OnePlus 5, the LG G6, etc.

I don't care about anything above 16Mp, I don't necessarily dislike it, though I consider anything above 64Mp to be totally useless, ridiculous and overkill.
But I LARGELY prefer a 108Mp over a 5Mp, and a 48Mp Macro make much more senses than a 5Mp one, you can't do shit with 5Mp, that the absolute minimum...

Anonymous, 19 Nov 20211) GN2 is better than OVC48 2) you want to use jpeg to pro... more1) Technically, specification wise, the GN2 appeared to be the better sensor. In real life samples I prefer OV48C - whatever setup they used in the Mi 10 Ultra just captured more detail. Perhaps the GN2 has untapped potential.
2) The jpgs in the video comparison tool are just frames extracted from video saved by the GSMArena team as a jpg for distribution online, they are not representative of a phones compression algorithms. Not that this is important, if we assume the the test setup remains consistent, if you have a look at the samples, you can see how well the Mi 10 Ultra resolves details in these scenes.

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2021Jpeg discussion has been around for a while, your comment w... moreCorrect, whoever wrote this did:

You do not judge sensor capabilities by looking at jpeg.
But raw.

Which was a reply to me writing this:

Not great is it. The GN2 itself wasn't as good as it's OV48C predecessor in the 10 Ultra either. Three generations of decline.

So what I'm saying is, whoever started mentioning jpegs decided it was worth mentioning for no apparent reason.

  • Anonymous

Turbo Bork, 19 Nov 2021This whole weird jpeg discussion seemed to stem from a repl... moreJpeg discussion has been around for a while, your comment was nothing special ...you didn't start an whole discussion on jpegs

  • Anonymous

Turbo Bork, 19 Nov 2021This whole weird jpeg discussion seemed to stem from a repl... more1) GN2 is better than OVC48
2) you want to use jpeg to prove your point, tha't wrong

  • Turbo Bork

Whilst I'm on a daft posting spree, I also recommend checking out GSMArenas own comparisons, especially video performance:


Nothing has put resolved the Mi10 Ultra yet, or reverb come close to really

  • Turbo Bork

Furthermore, I would recommend anyone who is interested to head on over to the dpreview forum for mobile photography and check out what the OV48C was capable of shooting raw at 48MP.

  • Turbo Bork

Nick Tegrataker, 19 Nov 2021You. Cannot. Say. Which. Sensor. Is. Better. If. You. Are. ... moreThis whole weird jpeg discussion seemed to stem from a reply to a comment I made about the GN5 being a downgrade from the GN2, which itself was sadly a downgrade from the OV48C. Not once did I mention jpegs in my comment as a comparison metric.

Xiaomi had something special on their hands with the OV48C, GSMArenas test scenes bare this out. On paper, the GN2 looked superior, but in practice it didn't deliver, do you own comparisons between the two and make your own conclusions.

If the rumors are true about a downgrade to a GN5 as the main sensor, then whilst possible, it's very unlikely that the 12 Ultra will better the 10, let alone the 11.

  • Carnage

AnonD-909757, 18 Nov 2021Maybe Ultra-Wide + Telephoto + Telephoto like Galaxy S21 Ul... more48MP for macro?
The one's who lost their minds would be the people at Xiaomi if that happens...

Seriously... Don't know how to describe people like these.. "MP zombies" maybe?

  • Anonymous

Landfill after 6 months....

  • Anonymous

If the infos in this article are true then no one is going to buy it.
The same 48MP cameras that the Mi11 Ultra already has?? And GN5 for the main camera? The Mi11ultra has GN2 which sounds worse but it is actually a lot bigger sensor than GN2..

  • Anonymous

Looking forward to Thor and Loki. Loki > Thor, I'm surprised. Someone not quite familiar with Norse mythology or watched MCU too much.

  • Anonymous

This is not the same Xiaomi that comes in its own design and many affordable flagships.

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2021No, you judge it by the JPEG. Because that's what you ... moreIt is impossible for you to judge the sensor capability as long as you're looking at JPEGs that have been compressed and gone through tons of post-processing, because that way you're mostly comparing the software processing.

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2021Not interested thanks. I'll wait for the Xiaomi 12 Ult... moreNot interested yet couldn't help but write a long comment just for the sake of complaining, got it.