Xiaomi 12 Ultra camera specs leak, could be joined by a 12 Ultra Enhanced Edition

18 November 2021
Three lossless zoom modes are expected.

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mi 12 vanilla
mi 12 ultra
mi 12 ultra enhanced edition

mi 11 vanilla
mi 11 pro
mi 11 ultra

renaming only

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Why would Xiaomi downgrade the main camera sensor from the GN2 (the better one) to the GN5?

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Anonymous, 18 Nov 2021Not interested thanks. I'll wait for the Xiaomi 12 Ult... moreI feel these days the only Chinese brand doing things right is Oppo or Vivo (except their low end phones). Other than that, meh

Turbo Bork, 18 Nov 2021Not great is it. The GN2 itself wasn't as good as it&#... moretrue. OV48C was better than GN2, especially when it comes to sharpness and details.

TheAccountant, 18 Nov 2021GN5 from GN2?? that's a downgrade from mi 11 ultra.Yeah, but the source for that article is basically guessing the sensor. Not really a reliable leak. Some Chinese leakers have indicated it will be a custom main sensor. Seems unlikely they would use the GN5 on their top camera phone

Maybe Ultra-Wide + Telephoto + Telephoto like Galaxy S21 Ultra.
Xiaomi high end seems to really be aimed against Samsung's high end.
Or Telephoto + Portrait like the Vivo X70 Pro+.
Though I would love to see haters losing their mind if it has a 48Mp Macro :D

Let's hope it is an Ultrasonic FPS!
We really need to get rid of the old and already capped optical one.

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2021Heif isn't a format, it's a container.It's normally using HEIC (HEVC) encoding inside though.

  • Kontoloyo

The secondary display still there or gone?

  • dudeX

RealLifePhones, 18 Nov 2021sure because Ultra simply isn't enough anymorethen well get ultra enhanced pro... ultra enhanced +, enhanced T...
too many freakin models...xiaomi beein xiaomi...
but specs sound good though.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2021Problem is support. Smartphones can show many types of ... moreHeif isn't a format, it's a container.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2021Different companies jpeg compression has been spoken about ... moreThe weird thing is that if you shoot if 12MP 📷 (pro or semi-pro) the jpeg is similar size given by phones.

A.L gives option to choose quality when coverting to jpeg.
This case I set max quality.

Obviously , the mobile version of editors are nowhere near as good as computer version.

sure because Ultra simply isn't enough anymore

  • Anonymous

unxpctd, 18 Nov 2021Would also be quite nice if we can move beyond all this jpe... moreProblem is support.

Smartphones can show many types of follow, but not computers can.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2021It is not about what people should use. I am saying pe... moreDifferent companies jpeg compression has been spoken about many times before, you aren't the first.
Unfortunately a lot of companies are too aggressive on compression.
As well as the jpeg processing algorithms....I like using Adobe LR plus I like gcam mods and things like open camera.
Yes you lose some fancy ai from the stock camera app, but I turn all that off anyway.

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Meh... I just gonna wait for
Xiaomi 12 Ultra Enhanced Pro Plus Ceramic version.

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BigDisplay, 18 Nov 2021Get Eu stable version = no ads. I have the MI 11 Ultra ... moreNo need of EU version.
All Ads can be disabled. Even Gsmarena made it clear in their poco f3 long term review

  • Anonymous

unxpctd, 18 Nov 2021In the smartphone world though, jpeg is unfortunately maybe... moreIt is not about what people should use.

I am saying people cannot judge the strength of sensor by using jpeg.
Considering mobile chips are too weak to extract 100% of the sensors, you barely notice difference beween sensor from brand A and brand B if you check jpeg.

Sony has three sensors of 48MP 1/2" (582,586,589).
Seeing jpeg, you will never notice any difference between them.

Upcoming GN5 has same specs of imx766. Only difference is AF type.
Without using same software for both and checking raw files, it is impossible to say which one is better.

Jpeg of X70 Pro+ is better than mi11 ultra. Is the raw file better as well? I do not know.

I tested few editors. Snapseed is pretty easy to use, but it is not as feature rich as Adobe Lightroom.

Something needs to be said. Phones that output 12MP, have jpeg files of 3,5 - 5MB size usually. If you shoot raw and just turn it into jpeg using Lightroom, compression is much lower. It gives you files of more than 9MB.

Would also be quite nice if we can move beyond all this jpeg nonsense. There have been numerous other formats introduced that address the shortcomings... Jpeg2000, JpegXL, XR, HEIF, WebP

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2021Jpeg loses most of the info captured by sensor. You will n... moreIn the smartphone world though, jpeg is unfortunately maybe the reality of the situation. Look at OnePlus 9 Pro, amazing sensor yet completely wasted on their jpeg engine. But consumers are mainly going to be at the mercy of this.

It is so time-consuming and less convenient to process mobile RAW compared to actual cameras. Mobile RAW can be untagged DNG and then you have to dump it to a computer too. It's just not worth it. Where is capture one for Android too!?

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Anonymous, 18 Nov 2021No, you judge it by the JPEG. Because that's what you ... moreJpeg loses most of the info captured by sensor.
You will never know what sensor can do this way.
Raw keeps 100%.
Photographers would laugh at your comment.

Look at samsung s21 ultra. The deep blue sky, the extreme noise reduction and warm colours have nothing to do with HM3. It is choice of Samsung cam team.
You cannot blame the sensor for it.
Raw files have nothing of these stuff.

Omnivision is not on pair with Samsung sensors.
This is why except 10 ultra and p50 series, only cheap phones have as main cameras.
Huawei would not use if they could have option to get from sony like they used to.