Weekly poll: what do you think of Motorola's five new Moto G phones?

21 November 2021
The Moto G200 5G looks like great value for its €450 price tag, the other four have their highlights as well.

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These phones are dead on arrival. I think they've launched some 100 phones this year. None was able to land right. What are they doing. Release one e21, g21, every year in ultra budget and budget segment. That's it. Or bring back X series maybe. In mid range.

  • Anonymous

Moto discontinued the sleek and innovative Force phones, and I lost interest in them ever since. Why on Earth did they sell Moto to Lenovo

yeah motorola keep trying.. LG have been stop because released an overpriced that no one wanted. expensive phone from motorola nokia huawei sony? better go to samsung and people know how is it samsung.

Specs look good, but knowing Motorola the experience will be way to limited and be buggy to be used at full potential

  • Anonymous

G200 has no jack/sd slot
What a waste

G200 may not be a total flagship killer but it's getting there. Galaxy A52s costs similar money but this offers much more power if that's that you're after. But Motorola still needs to make great flagships in order for their mid-range phones to be taken seriously, it's just the way it works.

FatShady, 21 Nov 2021where's 'none of the above' option? cause th... more"where's 'none of the above' option?"
Precisely 👍🏻

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G200 is fine as it is, 10w in the G51 5G is meh, 60Hz screen on G71 5G is also meh.

where's 'none of the above' option? cause they're all overpriced ewaste.

They definitely looks great.
Pure android experience for cheap money is always best possible option.
Because some UIs like Samsung, Xiaomi etc is full of bloatware and multiople i mean dual apps.