Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 gets Wi-Fi certified, ever closer to release

19 November 2021
The tablet should be launching very soon now.

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  • Ali2020
  • YRh
  • 09 Dec 2021

Samsung please make a tablet with a decent midrange CPU, 5g, 120hz screen, HDR screen, 6-8gb ram and over 128gb internal storage. Market for 300 dollars as you are taking too long

    What did Samsung improve?

      Rahul, 19 Nov 2021I really want to see a powerful sub 10inch Tablet as that i... moreTab A7 is also in 8.7 inch version both wi-fi and LTE and has a snapdragon chipset, that should work for you.

        I’m not convinced by either the chipset (UniSUCKS), the screen (only 60 Hz), nor the memory configurations (6 GB of RAM is a must).

        If it’s priced at under 150 euros for the 4 GB versions, it could be somewhat worth it. But, Samsung being Samsung, they will overprice it and there are better alternatives in the 200 euros segment (if they will sell it for that amount).

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          • Asim
          • XMu
          • 19 Nov 2021

          Winning tab

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            • Rahul
            • 7kk
            • 19 Nov 2021

            I really want to see a powerful sub 10inch Tablet as that is a comfy pocketable size. All available tablets in the below 10 inch category are very slow and underpowered apart from the ipad mini6 which is out of the budget.

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              • TweeetY
              • p5F
              • 19 Nov 2021

              The low specs Samsung A Tablets are cheap and have good quality. Probably the best for its price, that is why they are selling like hotcakes.