Samsung US offers Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals on foldables, flagships, tablets and more

19 November 2021
The deals mostly follow the same formula: straight discount, trade-in options, plus store credit or maybe some freebies.

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TruthBeTold, 20 Nov 2021What a joke of a deal. They give you a $150 discount on a p... moreThere is still a chip shortage and even they can't manufacture phones fast enough even in low quantities. Zero reason for good deals otherwise it would all just sell out.

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In Latvia buying flip 3 or fold 3 u get a52s for free + trade in up to 700 eur

What a joke of a deal. They give you a $150 discount on a phone, but at the same time your trade-in value is reduced by the same amount. There were better deals on this phone when it was first released almost a year ago, which makes zero sense. S22 is just around the corner, so hard pass on these "deals".

Solun1, 19 Nov 2021Real black friday (which means only in the US) has real dis... moreMan fact about black friday is the shops trying to sell for bargain old useless things noone wants and needs and they still did not sell even after many years.
Like old phones, TVs, PCs, Audio, Video things etc.
Black friday is to offer 3, 5, even 10 years old unsoldable goods on a so called discounts.
Nothing else.

CptPower, 19 Nov 2021Black friday and how it usualy works. Month before black f... moreReal black friday (which means only in the US) has real discounts. But yes, european retailers copied the idea and offer their products the way you mention. That's why you don't see crowds of thousands in front of european stores - people can see through the BS.

I got my Flip 3 for $900 because I was ready to return it after 2 days and they gave $100 off if I kept. And I got the $150 pre-order credit to get a case, charger, and wireless charging pad. This Black Friday deal is not really a good deal.

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I got the jet 75 vacuum for $220

Samsung S21 Ultra is around £830 (128 GB) and £850 (256 GB) in the UK, that's around a £350 discount...

Black friday and how it usualy works.
Month before black friday 1000 eur phone: is on discount for 799 from old price of 999.
Week before black friday: 799 discounted price from 1099.
Black Friday: 899 discounted price from 1299.

In UK the Z Flip 3 is £750

£150 that is a big saving, this is why I never rush to buy a phone, especially phones that realise in August and September. I was contemplating about the Pixel 6 because in UK you could claim bose headphones worth £300 and I missed out on pre ordering it, simply because hopefully they'll be a better deal for black friday

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Samsung is the only company who can discount garbage
No of them in the top 10 photography rating
Inferior chip and ISPs that they don't even sell in South Korea