Realme GT 2 Pro specs tipped, Snapdragon 898 and 125W charging in tow

20 November 2021
It's rumored to be priced around CNY4,000 ($625/€555).

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  • 22 Nov 2021

Was, 21 Nov 2021With snapdragon 898 it's a great performer but in came... moreRealme teased that they will actually do a full complete flagship in a post.
so fingers crossed that this is it.

    Where's the

    16gb ram
    SD card
    3.5 jack
    Copper, or stainless steel 916L
    Brass or carbon fibre version

    You call this a GT, lmfaooooooo

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      • 21 Nov 2021

      Disappointing software update

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        • 21 Nov 2021

        With snapdragon 898 it's a great performer but in camera department realme wil do omnivosion 64mp+8+2

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          • 21 Nov 2021

          I hope it retains the headphone jack.

            Hopefully it comes with a slightly curved screen for that premium feel like GT Explorer Master Edition.

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              • 20 Nov 2021

              lesonoeu, 20 Nov 2021below average phone.Im sorry, below average?? The fact that they are selling this monumental upgrade is amazing

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                • 20 Nov 2021

                It looks pretty awesome. It would sure be a shame if there isnt a headphone Jack or expandable storage, the only thing at this point keeping me tied to the Samsung A51.

                  Anonymous, 20 Nov 2021Looks good but not my budget i have already bought the Sams... morebelow average phone.

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                    • 20 Nov 2021

                    Anonymous, 20 Nov 2021Xperia has 0 chinese components. Not even 5 series has Bo... moreSony will still be treated like trash in the smartphone market.
                    Their best days are long gone. It's about time you stop marketing this cheater company everywhere on this site and instead get a proper paying job that will make people respect you instead of considering you a Chinese brand hater.

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                      • 20 Nov 2021

                      An0n, 20 Nov 2021You are right. Realme was supposed to topple Xiaomi, at lea... moreRealme was supposed to compete with Redmi, not Xiaomi as a whole. hence the similar name.

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                        • 20 Nov 2021

                        Anonymous, 20 Nov 2021Poor quality Xperia display can't meet hdr600 standard... moreAll that cooling they bragged about in marketing doesn't work.
                        It's a thermal throttling mess worse than the S21 Exynos.
                        Cheap quality hardware sold at Apple like high prices.
                        They think people will buy it just because of Japanese company label?? Lol 😂

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                          • 20 Nov 2021

                          Anonymous, 20 Nov 2021Xperia has 0 chinese components. Not even 5 series has Bo... morePoor quality Xperia display can't meet hdr600 standards.
                          Can't run at 4k all the time.
                          Refesh rate drops to 60hz not because of content but because of overheating issues during basic tasks like web browsing.

                            Anonymous, 20 Nov 2021Xperia has 0 chinese components. Not even 5 series has Bo... moreI understand you are salty that companies like Realme and others have turned Sony into a NPC (non participating company) in the smartphone world.
                            Realme is the fastest growing smartphone company in the world.
                            A feat that Sony can only dream of achieving given their current state.

                              Anonymous, 20 Nov 2021CPu is not, the rest surely is. Even iphone has more ex... moreBill of material doesn't mean that is how much the phone cost to make.

                              For example: A company like Samsung can get the Snapdragon 888 for a lot less price than the standard selling price because of more orders compared to a brand like Motorola.

                              Same goes for screen, Samsung will sell a particular Samsung display to other oem for a price. Obviously they won't have to pay the same price to put that display in their own Samsung phones.

                              This is why the iPhone 13 Pro based on Bill of materials has value above 500$ but in reality they had to pay much less than 500$ (my estimate: 300$) because of in house chipset costing less and bulk orders for camera sensors, screen and other peripherals costing them a lot less than other oem.

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                                • 20 Nov 2021

                                Realme and Xiaomi are the only brands who use combination of 8mp ultrawide and 2mp macro for their budget, midranger, upper midrange and flagships phone. They forget to upgrade the other sensor also 108 mp main sensor is their favorite.

                                  Anonymous, 20 Nov 2021it certainly isnt cheap, and u do know that higher res usua... more600nits cannot qualify as premium display in 2021.
                                  This isn't a mid ranger where people are ready to make compromises on a display which is unreadable in bright light.
                                  Even 300€ phones don't have this issue.

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                                    • 20 Nov 2021

                                    Worst brands that sell in Europe.

                                    #1 HMD
                                    #2 Realme

                                    BBK should be just Oppo and Vivo now.

                                      Anonymous, 20 Nov 2021$625 retail price. BoM probably not even half. Can imag... moreEven your iPhone 12 and 13 cost maximum around 550 or something to build.

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                                        • 20 Nov 2021

                                        Anonymous, 20 Nov 2021Just like the cheap quality 4k display on Xperia flagship c... moreXperia has 0 chinese components.
                                        Not even 5 series has BoM cheap like $350 like many chinese phones.
                                        Sony is not the one selling for $300 phones that do not cost $120 to be made.

                                        4K is cheap? LOL ...
                                        Integrated ddr5/ufs3.1 is cheap?
                                        1" exmor with DRAM is cheap?
                                        Glass lens is cheap?

                                        Even iphone 13 pro is more expensive hardware than chinese phones.

                                        How to cut costs:

                                        - use about 80% of components made in China, they are cheaper and free of import tax
                                        - build devices in China or India
                                        - use Isocell instead of exmor for main camera
                                        - use Samsung E panels instead of more expensive M series (reason why samsung and apple have smaller chin than other)
                                        - do not perform tests enough to reduce SAR (one famous brand have almost all devices with more than 1,00)
                                        - use macro/depth cam for phones above $500
                                        - phones above $500 with gorilla 5, no IP or just IP54, no usb 3.X