OnePlus 10 Pro specs leak - 6.7-inch QHD+ 120Hz, Snapdragon 8 gen 1, IP68

23 November 2021
A 5,000mAh battery, 48MP main + 50MP ultrawide + 8MP 3.3x tele cameras, 32MP selfie.

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  • 23 Nov 2021

That reminds me, got to get my dinner on the stove lol

    Still with that pathetic 8mp telephoto, huh? On a PRO MODEL??? This is beyond sad

      Fascinating 😐 styuped awesomeness!

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        • Chixby
        • HFi
        • 23 Nov 2021

        Boooring with almost nothing new and one the ugliest design in all OP phones ever

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          • 8Kf
          • 23 Nov 2021

          bormak, 23 Nov 2021Nothing new, it seemsScreen and CPU are new. 😁

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            • bormak
            • 6w0
            • 23 Nov 2021

            Nothing new, it seems

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              • Sidsousa
              • nwr
              • 23 Nov 2021

              All i want is a full screen device. I'm currently holding on to my OnePlus 7T Pro (which is like new and behaves like new!) but i can't see myself going to a phone with a hole on the screen. 2021 was supposed to be the no-notches year and still we're going into 2022 with basically all manufacturers having holes in their screens. I honestly couldn't care less about camera upgrades and faster changing, give me a screen without holes.

                Anonymous, 23 Nov 2021No. First good one plus was 7 series. From 1 to 6T they we... moreThe 7 series was OnePlus's peak.

                  [deleted post]i can afford a flagship by i don't see any use for them, i'd rather some add money and buy me a decent gaming laptop with r7 and rtx 3060 130w than a phone.

                    Not so great specs in my opinion. At least they should have upgrade the telephoto to 12 MP, because size DOES matter especially when it is about zoom.
                    And the design, well it is much worse of what I have expected...

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                      • 23 Nov 2021

                      Vick, 23 Nov 2021First two or three oneplus devices were great. Now they are... moreNo. First good one plus was 7 series. From 1 to 6T they were just midrange phone with SD8xx.

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                        • AnonD-909757
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                        • 23 Nov 2021

                        Cursed edge display.
                        Puke hole.
                        No 3.5mm Jack.
                        Sub-12Mp Telephoto.
                        No periscope Telephoto.
                        Asymmetrical, stove like camera setup.
                        No changes since many iterations.

                        Why am I not surprised?

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                          • Jiang Xina
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                          • 23 Nov 2021

                          ZzZzZ hard pass. My first and only OnePlus device was the 7t when it first came out. Did fine until I broke the screen and it was a pain to get a 1:1 screen replacement. Never again

                            Ugly asf

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                              • Vick
                              • g33
                              • 23 Nov 2021

                              First two or three oneplus devices were great. Now they are just a generic Chinese company. Their phones are no longer flagship killers. And the fact that oneplus on gives 2 O.S updates makes it even more crappier.

                                yikes, super fugly

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                                  • 23 Nov 2021

                                  this is ugly as hell