Weekly poll: the Oppo Reno7 trio is launching soon, but will it find any success?

28 November 2021
The Reno6 series is still fresh in our minds, do these new models do enough to stand out?

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  • Osama

I would buy the regular reno 7, but oppo doesn't release it in pakistan. Doesn't seem like it's aiming to hit the market, meaning it doesn't seem to want to make a place here. It sucks that it releases here the lower end phone of the reno series, i quite liked the reno 6 5g, but it didn't release here. And the reno 7 5g won't release here as well, quite likely. So, i won't buy a second rated phone, meaning the pathetic lower end phone like reno 6 4g. It's not worth it. Oppo will lose the market this way, very soon.

I mean, they are right. The Reno 6 series is a better deal than Reno 7, as they have almost the same specs for lower prices now. But what sets Reno 7 apart is it's OH SO good design, just look at THAT frosted finish, then you'll love it.

  • Seifo

There is better options like realme gt master explorer oneplus 9rt and the oppo reno 7 pro is over priced

Derick Abraham, 29 Nov 2021Can u explain Liquid cristal retina display of Apple? Simple
It takes pictures of your eyes

I see new Reno every minute.. And it's boring

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Nov 2021Now they're even removing the curved displays and head... moreThank God they're removing curved displays!

Oppo should take a chill pill on Reno models. Release one every 12 months

  • Anonymous

Now they're even removing the curved displays and headphone jacks off the Reno series while keeping the same price. Thanks but no thanks.

  • Anonymous

SMIRNAS, 29 Nov 2021Oppo product price keep increasing,, some even more expensi... moreThats actually good news. If oppo really launch their product with higher price than samsung, people would buy more and more samsung phones without thinking. Just look what happened in vietnam, samsung literally sold 49% of all phones in Q3 2021. All BBK brand combined can't even surpass samsung there. I am not even a vietnamese to know this news.

This would happen again, if Oppo put higher price on its product without realizing its competitor has better build quality, better after sales and better software support.

ae86, 29 Nov 2021"cat eye lens" Can't wait to see people t... moreCan u explain Liquid cristal retina display of Apple?

  • Anonymous

Looks like a pretty phone. Loved the squared off sides and flat panel. Camera LED is cute too.

I doubt that this poll will reflect real world data. Usually people don't purchase en masse the costlier offering... especially at a price point that high.

  • Ruhul

Why does it look a mix between Redmi note 10 pro and note 11 pro.

  • Anonymous

IpsDisplay, 28 Nov 2021Bbk is a genius!! They premier new camera and other tech... moreYou don't even need to be genius. Just slap a huge amount of RAM & 'beautiful' design and boom! People with little knowledge will buy them without hesitation. In fact, Oppo and Vivo phones are called "Makeup Artist" in my country.

Oppo product price keep increasing,, some even more expensive than Samsung products. as if Oppo think they're on same level as Samsung. well, their sales force sure knows how to play words

  • Anonymous

Dometalican, 28 Nov 2021I miss when Reno's designs were... UniqueI miss the cameras positioned to be in the middle, and I also miss the cool sharkfin popup camera too

  • Anonymous

it will be successful.
i have Oppo A74 . its fluid, beautiful design and am totally happy.
Oppo makes great phones.

and yes I can still find people using this phone, people who don't understand the specifications and are forced to be bought by shop sellers.

"cat eye lens"

Can't wait to see people to get fooled by this thinking they'll have some cat eye filter xD

  • Kuba

Happy to see rectangular shape like iPhone. maybe Oneplus 10 will look similar