Weekly poll: the Oppo Reno7 trio is launching soon, but will it find any success?

28 November 2021
The Reno6 series is still fresh in our minds, do these new models do enough to stand out?

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  • 29 Nov 2021

Anonymous, 28 Nov 2021Missing SD card, audio jack no buy thanks.Enjoy your feature phone.

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    • tZj
    • 29 Nov 2021

    By the time you bought Reno 7, the Reno 8 would be right around the corner and you can listen to the steep depreciation of your Reno 7.

      The refresh cycle for this series is just insane, not even 3 months from buying one, there is already the next series, and this is not even a budget line, but mid range. So people are paying double the price from a budget phone.

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        • 8kP
        • 28 Nov 2021

        Missing SD card, audio jack no buy thanks.

          Bbk is a genius!!

          They premier new camera and other tech , sell it at a high price initially

          Use the Reno as the father phone Then recycle, redistribute, rebrand under Vivo, realme oneplus

          Then hold highest combine market share time and time again..

          Meanwhile people in the comments scream overpriced

          But those same people often times will comment on essentially same rebranded device elsewhere giving praises being grateful for a headphone jack, or good pricing etc ...



            "No 3.5mm headphone jacks or memory card slots either, in case you were wondering."

            So trash, trash and more trash. God smartphones suck these days. More and more expensive with fewer and fewer features

              None of the above. Next.
              It was better if they used only 1 single camera in the back like the iPhone SE or Pixel 4a but a proper camera!

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                • JT5
                • 28 Nov 2021

                Anonymous, 28 Nov 2021Not sure why they insist to put useless cameras on these de... moreFour cameras with 1 good + 3 useless grab more attention than 1 good.

                This is why in 2022 you can expect many sub-$600 to still have 8MP super wide and macro/depth.

                  I miss when Reno's designs were... Unique

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                    • JackDopey
                    • U@R
                    • 28 Nov 2021

                    Not sure what's so 'pro' about the Pro model. No zoom lens, not a bigger battery, not even friggin 120Hz, don'teven get me started on that debacleof a mediatek midrange chipset. Seriously I keep asking myself, why'd did they even have to make this pro?

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                      • nyT
                      • 28 Nov 2021

                      Like I get it if they have brand loyalty or whatever in China but the fact that they charge these prices in Europe as an unknown Chinese brand... When SAMSUNG gives you better value for money you know there's a problem

                        The pro model costs as much as the mi 11 and it has nothing to justify the cost

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                          • qHC
                          • 28 Nov 2021

                          Not sure why they insist to put useless cameras on these devices as if they’re cheap.
                          Pro and still has a useless camera for what
                          It’s a shame what oppo has done to this series
                          No reason to pick any