Weekly poll results: the Moto G200 is the clear favorite of the family, the Moto G71 shows potential

28 November 2021
Not everyone is keen on the new G-series, but these two managed to attract some potential buyers.

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Anonymous, 28 Nov 2021LCD Screen for 450 euros phone in 2021 is Big No NoYou people on gsmarena love amoled 108mp cam etc. Although I'm not going ot care if my phone has those but some stuff such as micro sd and hp jack are important. And Bluetooth headphones should have a jack too so that you can connect it to the phone if u the charging is finished on the Bluetooth headphones. Fun fact even I have chea chinese headphones that have 3.5mm Jack too and are Bluetooth. Sd card is also very important. Other factors are equally as important as these so yea.

    Mantra, 28 Nov 2021Who plugs in earbuds today ??Speak for yourself, I still do. I don't like to use something that has to be charged every four to six hours of continuous usage.

      Darren , 28 Nov 2021The reason Motorola only offer 1 is update is purely money,... moreThis speaks a ton about how Motorola's business practices are.
      I think even the company executives won't use these so called Moto Flagships even for a month, if they truly used them they'd know how bad they are compared to other brands. They'd be laughing with their iPhones after scamming their customers.

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        • Anonymous
        • IJG
        • 29 Nov 2021

        AnonD-834088, 28 Nov 2021No updates are Guaranteed fella,promises yeah,but you can t... moreAgreed

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          • Abeid ali
          • Nv5
          • 29 Nov 2021

          Need moto phone curver please

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            • dddd
            • ptS
            • 29 Nov 2021

            Jgar, 28 Nov 2021For me is time to leave moto, I've been waiting for th... morewho cares, phones nowadays have huge internal storage and it's rare that someone uses plugged in headphones

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              • asfa
              • ptS
              • 29 Nov 2021

              Anonymous, 28 Nov 2021LCD Screen for 450 euros phone in 2021 is Big No Nowho cares, it's not lifechanging

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                • Anonymous
                • jWp
                • 29 Nov 2021

                Maybe I am old school have had Android for a few years now and I love it

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                  • Outthis
                  • 4ZM
                  • 28 Nov 2021

                  RG, 28 Nov 2021I'd have definitely been all over the G200.. but with ... moreI'm using the Moto g100 and it's just the best phone I've had by for right I have two Sim card for both of my phone services, the ready for is great the operates with pure smoothness. I guess I'll be sticking with this until I definitely know they have something for me to upgrade to ✌️

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                    • ROC
                    • q58
                    • 28 Nov 2021

                    I have been a Moto user for 3 years. Looking for a new 5G UW. I would never select an Android phone with only one year of software support! Period the end...

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                      • Mantra
                      • rRU
                      • 28 Nov 2021

                      Jgar, 28 Nov 2021For me is time to leave moto, I've been waiting for th... moreWho plugs in earbuds today ??

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                        • Anonymous
                        • ScY
                        • 28 Nov 2021

                        LCD Screen for 450 euros phone in 2021 is Big No No

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                          • Darren
                          • nw}
                          • 28 Nov 2021

                          The reason Motorola only offer 1 is update is purely money,there to tight to have some of there engineers work on an update,when even the lower range Samsung offer 2 updates,and there best phones offer 3 years,I hear they will be offering 3 years of updates for all there phones soon,not sure if that's true,but be great if it is,meanwhile Motorola do this,I mean do they really want us all dumping our stilk fairly new phones after just one year,it's disgusting how Motorola treat there consumers,and the reason I havnt had a Moto phone in years

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                            • Jgar
                            • gWs
                            • 28 Nov 2021

                            For me is time to leave moto, I've been waiting for the flagship phone for a while, been a customer for 5 years, I thought the g200 would be it ,,till i read that there is no SD , and no headphone jack, i was left hanging with the moto z, moto Z4 , mods when they killed the model , the fusion plus, i have now has speed delay glitches, no software updates yet

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                              • CM64
                              • iiH
                              • 28 Nov 2021

                              Motorola has lost a lot of dedicated Android fans with it's restricted system updates.

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                                • Tom
                                • nmF
                                • 28 Nov 2021

                                No any Android one phone by Motorola for 2021 too . Nokia mentioned software updates out of the box .Also motorola no mentioned screen protection ,no compass for many devices ,no radio for some 5 G devices .

                                  Frankly speaking all are bad. Only selected G200 as there wasn't any "None of the above" option in the poll.
                                  Almost all brands with "stockish" android are going down the drain recently.
                                  Nokia, just bad for the price, even for the price tier one below.
                                  Motorola, so many issues with updates and chunky 2 year old hardware designs and with all that still trying to place their phones one tier above in terms of pricing.
                                  Asus, they just can't release their phones everywhere and can't seem to have good quality control with both hardware and software at release.
                                  Google, still an infant in terms hardware production, same market coverage issues as with Asus.

                                    RG, 28 Nov 2021I'd have definitely been all over the G200.. but with ... moreOnly one update is a plus..

                                    No bugs, bricking chance or sneaky phone slow downs from manufacturers

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                                      • AnonD-834088
                                      • iLV
                                      • 28 Nov 2021

                                      RG, 28 Nov 2021I'd have definitely been all over the G200.. but with ... moreNo updates are Guaranteed fella,promises yeah,but you can take that with a pinch of salt 😱

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • YYn
                                        • 28 Nov 2021

                                        Being a big fan of Motorola after huge frustrations with LG V10 and V20. Previously had Moto Z4, an awesome midrange phone at an excellent price point. Sorry to see Mods and the Z series die. Currently have the Moto G Stylus 5G. Not perfect, but an excellent phone. At $349.00 I was not happy with only 1 update, but could live with a clean Android 11 and only the 1 update to Android 12.

                                        For me, my next phone needs to have the 3.5 mm audio jack and micro SD slot. Not having these will be a non-starter for my next phone, until NOBODY offers them anymore. More than 1 update is important especially if the purchase price is higher. Not as concerned with no stereo speakers.

                                        I usually play my music at home via an older component stereo system with great speakers. Sound quality is light years ahead of any onboard speaker and most bluetooth speakers. Because of the analog nature of this system I need the 3.5 mm jack for my 3.5mm to RCA left and right, analog cable. My primary car is a 2011 with Bluetooth, no problem there. My second car is a 2002 and I can only play music via an old radio shack cassette pickup to my cars am/fm/cd/cassette factory sound system. Again 3.5 mm jack is needed.

                                        Regarding the micro SD slot. The biggest advantage is my entire 40 year collection. About 27,000 thousand songs from many hundreds of albums, cd, recordings and about 20 full length movies are on a 256gb card with about 60gb to spare. When I get a new phone, nothing to copy over, simply unplug and plug the card into the new phone. This keeps the onboard memory clear of memory caused performance issues and gives me plenty of space for what all the apps I want to have on the phone. You might be more into taking pictures and video than audio. If so, would you like to keep more of it on your phone without offloading constantly. Since the Moto phones could read up to a 1 tb card, you could carry much more. As cameras get larger, how many photos and videos can you carry when you are shooting at 108mp or higher? At 128 gb of onboard storage? At 256 gb of onboard storage? As the quality of phone cameras continue to rise, 256gb and even 512 gb of onboard storage will fill up quickly and phone performance will quickly degrade as a result. Motorola, please keep at least a few phones that still have both a 3.5mm jack and a micro SD slot.