Samsung may have killed the Galaxy Note lineup permanently

25 November 2021
The Galaxy Note series are excluded from Samsung's 2022 product portfolio.

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  • Anonymous

Bad news. I have owned every note since Note 2 except for Note 7, and I'm very unhappy with this. Bye bye samsung.

  • Anonymous

Pam, 26 Nov 2021My last 3 or 4 devices have been notes. I would have nothin... moreMe too! I have been a loyal customer since Note 3! Now with not having Note anymore, I am going to switch to other brands!

  • Zafar

disappointing news.
Note Series is top line variant of Samsung mobiles flagship. i think company will reconsider its decision regarding discontinuation of Note Series.
So Samsung think positive.

  • Anonymous

Very disappointed. I guess S22 Ultra will be the new Note so it's fine, but what about those who can't afford that price point yet still love the S-Pen and boxy screen design?

Damn Samsung, could you at least give one last affordable Note Fan Edition with S-Pen and boxy screen???

  • Iceberg

Samsung to officially release that information, and their stocks will dip instantly.
Their sales will eventually collapse, and will lose Android market to Chinese mobile makers.
That will impact the entire Samsung mobile division.

Mark my words!

  • Anonymous

plz samsung we need note 22 ultra

  • Anonymous

Yes is best note series. In World I also using last five year
Very easy communication and operating system
Mostly used in business line
I m fan of the note series

  • Anonymous

anybody remember when they had a press release about how they are not planning on removing note from their lineup after sonething leaked.
as it turns out it was jsut a cover-up

  • Benignchosen

Pam, 26 Nov 2021My last 3 or 4 devices have been notes. I would have nothin... moreNotes are solid made unbeatable devices

  • Rami

Samsung galaxy note and S series are the best in all Android phones. If Samsung excludes Note series this will be a big losing. Samsung galaxy note 5 is a 7 year-old phone and it stills a beast. Its Camera is better than the Samsung galaxy a70. In my opinion, it is a big losing that samsung will kill Note series.
Samsung will lose its Note series fans who will move to another model of phones

  • Noted

I have using note 4 until now. The only reason I am using Samsung because of the pen. The pen feature screenshot is the best. Without it, I will go for Xiaomi.

  • Anonymous

Jokrz-wyld, 26 Nov 2021The note series is supposedly getting absorbed in to the S ... moreYes, this is probably what we'll see in 2022. Simply, the S Ultra will be the new Note, while the foldable will be like the Note Ultra substitute.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Yes, do that then others will make NOTEs and make many sales. c:

  • Sammy

Nah, don't think so.

  • Sawsan

I highly doubt it, otherwise how come no one called the police?

  • Anonymous

Samsung, even with its underwhelming Exynos, is miles better than any Xiaomi flagship.

  • Anonymous

Note series is the most effective and genius model i have ever seen and i m using almost 10 years starting from note 2 and now using note 20 ultra. I dont see any reason to leave note and replace with folding one.

  • DaOnlyHihiNalu

Pam, 26 Nov 2021My last 3 or 4 devices have been notes. I would have nothin... more I was thinking the same thing, although I've only used Samsung for the last 15ish years am considering other than Samsung.


Without NOTE series and its pen, Samsung is no more. Just an ordinary phone company with a huge budget for marketing.

  • Down

I have used the Note phone since it came out. I can't imagine using anything else. If this line is canceled , hopefully the new phone coming out in 2022 will at least have the pen.