Samsung may have killed the Galaxy Note lineup permanently

25 November 2021
The Galaxy Note series are excluded from Samsung's 2022 product portfolio.

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They killed a legend! They should have kill the S series, and make for example like 2 Note versions each year, a base one, and an Ultra one. If somebody doesn't use the S Pen, no problem, you don't have too, but it is there for anyone who wants to use it.
This is my opinion, and I am not the only one saying this. Making S22 Ultra with S Pen sounds too weird to me. :D

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TruthBeTold, 25 Nov 2021Is this atticle from 2020? REALLY old news at this point a... more*Article*

I love this one. Other then battery, every thing is awesome.

They could make a last one , and advertise it as the last note.
It could sell more than 100m.

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Fold 4 does not have S pen slot like "S22U".

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No. Samsung killed S Ultra series.
And Note 22 Ultra takes its place under new name.

A pointless article since we know the Galaxy S22 Ultra is a renamed Galaxy Note phone. Which I greatly anticipate getting.

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If true good decision. There is literally zero difference between note and s series. S-pen is the only key difference between the 2 which i could think of. When the phone size was less than 5” note series was best to have. But now it doesn’t make any sense.

The last real Note phone was the Note 4, some say it was the Note 3. But, everything after that, it's just a Galaxy S phone with an S-Pen.

There is no point having it any more when they can just add an S-Pen slot to the Galaxy S and Z Fold line.

Is this atticle from 2020? REALLY old news at this point and it's already been discussed ad nauseam that the Galaxy S Ultra will be the spiritual successor to the Note line.

If that the case foldables should have the best of the best cameras and battery life.