Poco X4 family members revealed, fittingly there will be four of them

25 November 2021
The Poco X4 and X4 NFC we already knew about, but they're not going to be alone.

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  • Anonymous

"Poco X4 GT "
So, Chinese copies Chinese :D

  • Anonymous

Dont put mediatek in it or else custom rom gonna be dead.

  • Anonymous

GAVR, 26 Nov 2021Maybe the X4 Pro will have the SD 870, and (hopefully) reta... moreThen it couldn't be like around 300e price, would be closer to 400 which is basicly Poco f3

  • GAVR

Maybe the X4 Pro will have the SD 870, and (hopefully) retain most of the other features from the X3 Pro.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Hope all of them do!

  • Dezi Boi

What are the expected specs and price for x4 pro?

These phones have same vibe I've felt with the Mi 11T series. Pandemic phones with configurations that were based on what's available (and can sustain demand) and not because they are the best for the pricepoint. IMO and an advise from someone that owned Xiaomi phones since the Mi5, skip these phones.

  • Anonymous

Not fan of poco xiaomi please return redmi note 10,which i could not buy when on stock

NotCory, 26 Nov 2021Is there some kind of weird regulations in India that prohi... moreI think it's coz our payments interface (UPI) from mobile devices doesn't use NFC.

[deleted post]And keep sd-card slot.

Great, we are waiting for the Poco X4 NFC with same of its predecessor 👍 with left corner punch hole selfie camera.

  • Anonymous

Won't the Poco X4 NFC be global though while it's Indian Variant would be just named Poco X4?
Sad to hear about the X4 Pro

Is there some kind of weird regulations in India that prohibits NFC from being included?

  • Anonymous

What I'm guessing (judging from the X3 family),

X4, X4 NFC or X4 5G, X4 Pro, and X4 GT