Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ cameras detailed: 50MP main, 10MP 3x telephoto

29 November 2021
The ultra wide and the selfie cameras will be the same as on the S21 and S21+.

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  • 01 Dec 2021

Samsung never give importance to its software.

    SuuperBaka, 30 Nov 2021"Wrong! Only the pixel size is important! The sensor s... moreBoth of them matter, this one has pretty bog pixel and lenses size. Its a pretty good sensor.

      Lightning2.0, 30 Nov 2021Those are definitely specialty audio equipment now. Unfortu... moreThe point here is, these companies sells their bluetooth garbage with lies about fidelity. Apple leading the way with the most extreme lies, back by soulless gadget influencers, as always.

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        • 30 Nov 2021

        Kinda sad that everyone is so obsessed with cameras that they forget to make the other aspects of a smartphone better.

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          • 30 Nov 2021

          There's a big black hole in the screen and no microSD card slot. That's a big fat fail in my view.

            OldVillainousHeavens, 30 Nov 2021Ikr, I've had Android 12 for a few years😃😃😃 They'... morejust look here and check the date so over the year I had it..
            but I don';t enable it anyway
            I don't care I want have batt charged 100% "

              Huawei Fan Man, 30 Nov 2021Only now? 😃 Had it on mine huawei about year? Ikr, I've had Android 12 for a few years😃😃😃
              They're all behind us😃😃😃😃

                STT, 30 Nov 2021Google Pixels got it a month ago and they made it, so pleas... morelittle boy jesus christ what u talking sht ?
                I am saying I had it on mine huawei mate 20 x 10 months or so ? wth u talkin bout trolling

                  Anonymossy, 30 Nov 2021Android 12 has only been out for a month, you may have conf... moresilly you I have even android 10 and I had it for long time 😁 😅

                    Ivo., 30 Nov 2021Wrong! Only the pixel size is important! The sensor size do... more"Wrong! Only the pixel size is important! The sensor size does not matter, at all!"


                      Looks like another winner from Samsung.

                        Lightning2.0, 29 Nov 2021Just curious, what do you have that uses the analog connect... moreAm often charging the phobe while listening over wired headphones. I have several very good bluetooth headphones, altough they have their pains that bluetooth comes with. The one does certainly not replace the other. I have an high end amplifier that sounds best connected wired. The phone needs charging too, so during kinda DJ setups it needs charging And acts as wired source sometimes (and backup) In daytime sometimes off grid long phone calls do have excellent little B&O wired headphones for that TWO sets even of them. Bluetooth is used for certain scenarios also for phone calls etc etc but it can never replace The Jack.

                          Haplo, 30 Nov 2021GN5 (a 1/1.56" sensor) being better then GN2 (a 1/1.12... moreSolely having a larger pixel pitch may not guarantee better image quality. The GN5 is slightly faster, in readout, especially doing 12.5MP at 90fps, apart from the 4k at 120fps. This could ensure more frames for improving HDR, in both photo and video. I, though wish, that Samsung had selected an f1.5 or f1.6 aperture lens for the S22 and S22+. It could have done with more light, and thus better noise handling in the photos.

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                            • 30 Nov 2021

                            YUKI93, 30 Nov 2021"The telephoto camera will switch from the current los... moreSame 8MP 1/4.5" used by the two generations.

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                              • 30 Nov 2021

                              No SD Card 😭 just not right!!!

                                Anonymous, 30 Nov 2021Stop blaming Samsung for your Xperia overhearing and droppi... moreNo throttling or overheating on my s21ultra or Sony 1iii.

                                Why do these people love updating their phones, knowingly it will cause one problems to another.....

                                  Duck of death, 29 Nov 2021I don't know... Any quality headphone or IEM, maybe? ... moreThose are definitely specialty audio equipment now. Unfortunately the market segment that plugs in their, say Beyerdynamic open-back headphones to a typical smartphone is pretty small. They're definitely plugging into an external DAC of some sort, of which there are plenty.

                                    "The telephoto camera will switch from the current lossless digital zoom approach to a more traditional optical zoom with 3x magnification (f/2.4 aperture). This will be a 10MP sensor with a 1/3.94” optical format and 1.0µm pixels."

                                    This makes me wonder what would the telephoto camera for S22 FE be like.

                                      Huawei Fan Man, 30 Nov 2021Only now? 😃 Had it on mine huawei about year? Android 12 has only been out for a month, you may have confused it with Android 11.

                                        Dudenoway, 29 Nov 2021Agree and it's really sad too see this. Luckily only S... more'Luckily only Samsung and Apple have done this.'

                                        Some other companies have decided to remove the headphone jack on at least some of their phones too - Google, Oppo, Xiaomi, ZTE, Huawei/Honor, Realme, the list goes on.

                                        Although note I said 'some', so some other phones from the companies I listed still have headphone jacks, although that may change in the future...