Samsung Galaxy S21 FE colors confirmed, India will be in the first wave

03 December 2021
The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will be available in White, Black, Pink, and Green.

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Vishal J, 03 Dec 2021I expect Samsung to do a lot of song and dance in India on ... moreSamsung could avoid celebs and save the money, to pass on the discounts to customers. Nobody really cares what phones celebs use, especially after the demise of Vertu.
Influencers mostly need freebies, so they are easier/cheaper to get onboard.

  • AK

Why Samsung dosent launch premium SD mobile's in India

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db102000, 03 Dec 2021is GSMarena from India??why do u care. News is news

Snapdragon 8 gen 1 released in December 2021 and samsung releasing S21 FE with outdated Snapdragon 888 in January 2022. I mean they could use newer processor. Decision like this are the reason why samsung losing market share. If i was In samsung place i rather prefer S21 FE take market share from S22 series than Mi 12. Just like previous year Xioami gonna release Mi 12 with same spec in way less price.

db102000, 03 Dec 2021is GSMarena from India??Their most visitor are from india hence more revenue and hence more indian content.

is GSMarena from India??

  • T-T

This time Exynos will be better cause sd888 often overheats due to overclocked GPU

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what the hell is this model ?!?!?!

i found 41 News Article about it in Gsm & still no release!!!!!

first one come back to.... 12 Febuary 2021 !!!!!

No SD card support is my main concern. Otherwise a good device with okey specs.

Not India only getting exynos, EU also

So this phone which is basically the A52s 5G but with SD888 and 2GB extra ram is £367 more expensive than the A52S... And i thought google lost the plot when they difference between the 6 and 6 pro is £250 ... And to top it off right now in UK you can claim £80 cashback from Samsung when you buy the A52S, which brings the cost down of the phone to £329

bigger than an S21, slightly more compact (and tons more powerful) than an A32... i can't wait!

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The most useless pos phone ever

I expect Samsung to do a lot of song and dance in India on its launch about how its the absolute best in class etc etc....
Expect tons of Instagram spam on this from paid 'Influencers'

2 months pass > cycle repeat with the Galaxy S22 range launch.......

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If the prices of base s21 256gb don't drop, then there isn't going to be much of a price difference.

(On amazon the s21 256gb slowly goes down in price over a month, and then back to full price. Over and over)

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Really bland, maybe that camera frame should have different colour to make it less bland