Sharp Aquos Wish goes official in Japan with SD480 and compact body

06 December 2021
It's set to go on sale in January 2022.

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  • Inva

You could sell an 85mm wide phone with huge bezels and a tiny 3" screen and most people on GSM Arena would say "oh such a compact phone!"... unbelievable

This phone is 71mm wide, it is not a compact phone, regardless of the screen size.

  • Anonymous

I'm sorry but a phone measuring 147 x 71 mm is NOT a compact. It is simply *slightly* downsized. A true compact is something like what we saw in Sony's Xperia Compact series, something that is at most 130 mm tall and is easily usable with one hand.

sreeder1983, 06 Dec 2021This phone is trash! Mt S20 FE blows it out the water A $700 phone is better than a ≈$200 phone? What a revelation!

Kudos to Sharp. I have been using the Z2 and little problems only found. I have to change the battery if it goes weak. Everything is ok for the phone. Well, I don't think this Sharp Aquos Wish is that bad like other brands. It is up to the user to carefully manipulate around with the phone.

  • sunil sah

How much price

  • Street Puppy

YUKI93, 07 Dec 2021This looks like a worthy competitor to the Sony Xperia Ace ... moreBut work without issues with carriers of other countries.

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2021Think an average between iPhone 5S to SE, thereabouts. That... morei dont think that size will ever be returning

  • frocito

good old days of magnificent aquos Crystal are gone.. this is anonymous and presumably expansive

  • Anonymous

zaryan, 07 Dec 2021wait a minute this is the same display panel Nokia 2.2 hadThe back reminds me of the old Nokia Lumia phones.

wait a minute this is the same display panel Nokia 2.2 had

This looks like a worthy competitor to the Sony Xperia Ace 2 launched six months ago. Shame that neither phones are available globally.

  • Anonymous

This is not compact at all

  • Anonymous

MilesPrower1, 07 Dec 2021What is then? 2.5 inch?Think an average between iPhone 5S to SE, thereabouts. That's compact.

  • Anonymous

hmm, 06 Dec 2021If they would remove this large shin from it, then maybe th... moreCan't go any higher than 720p with that SoC and batt size buddy, it's about balance. Battery life.

this looks has a same fate like nokia

Anonymous, 06 Dec 2021This isn't compact but their effort appreciated What is then? 2.5 inch?

  • Anonymous

It's sad that compact phones have become whatever this is.

I feel like I would not like this phone, but I do. Design looks very cute.

  • Anonymous

That bezel on the bottom tho! Cant they keep same bezel size like on the top to the bottom?

Technically all new Sony Xperias are easy to hold (less width) than this.