Early benchmarks suggest the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 matches Apple's A15 Bionic's GPU

08 December 2021
In fact, the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 might be more powerful.

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This is massive.... I told you all earlier that this may even be on par. Or even better than the A15. Or slightly under. By a fraction.

But overall, when you weigh everything up. Android SoC's. Have taken by far the biggest leap forward. Even though they are ahead of Apple and on par in some areas. The conclusion is that Android SoCs are far more impressive. They have won. They have taken the biggest generational leap forward by a couple or a generation and a half...

Now... The single core score should be about 400 points less. Why? It's taking into account a 30% smaller die size and smaller core size.

But if your clever. One will quickly realise that the single core per size of die ratio is actually a little bit better than Apple silicon. So if the core size of Android was as big as apples. Then the Android score would edge past the apple single core score...

But overall folks... You cannot get better than Android in every way... Big time.

Wack a Dimensity 9000 or 8 Gen 1... In a gaming phone. No matter what iPhone flagship you play against... Your new gaming phone would obliterate the iPhone 13 pro max...

Android... By far superior. In every way... Bye bye Apple.

    Seems that Samsung's 4 nm process is working very well