Honor X30 debuts with SD 695, Play 30 Plus has Dimensity 700

16 December 2021
The two phones are slated to go on open sale in China later this month.

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Adul Al Salami Kebab, 17 Dec 2021They got sold, not same company anymore.Ah I keep forgetting that

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    • AnonD-844232
    • 39y
    • 17 Dec 2021

    Too thick black chin hate it
    when it will be so minimal???

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      • Adul Al Salami Kebab
      • gx{
      • 17 Dec 2021

      joe nodden, 17 Dec 2021Huawei is turning into Apple with these trash spec'd p... moreThey got sold, not same company anymore.

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        • Rakesh
        • 6v0
        • 17 Dec 2021

        Guess im forever mini customer. What are those non sense shovel sizes?

          EricDVP, 16 Dec 2021overpriced???? sd695 that is better than sd 732 and gpu is... moreThe x30 is pretty good except maybe an uw cam and stereo speakers. And no curved edge plz sometimes it's very annoying and a slight bigger battery . The play 30 plus is kinda bad only hd+ displau cameras are weak as hell overall it's alright.

            joe nodden, 17 Dec 2021Huawei is turning into Apple with these trash spec'd p... moreIt's not huawei tho...

              Anonymous, 16 Dec 2021MediaTek is now better than Kirin TSMC 4nm ,more powerf... moreKirin got weaker cuz of US ban. They couldn't properly produce kirin chips anymore. And even if kirin still existed I'm pretty sure mtk would rpobs be pretty high but probs not enough to beat even Sammy or qualcomm.

                Anonymous, 17 Dec 2021Why putting honor ui pn top pf android? Just leave it plain... moreno one uses barebone AOSP, not anymore, and not even Google. Google Pixel has it's own proprietary software baked in that is not part of AOSP, such as Now Playing, Magic Eraser, Face Unblur, Live Translate, to name a few. all of those features and more Pixel exclusives are closed source, so it's not part of AOSP.

                since it's closed source, no OEM can implement it legally by forking AOSP. they need to made their own solutions.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • MmT
                  • 17 Dec 2021

                  Why putting honor ui pn top pf android? Just leave it plain yo be ike google pixel. It bring additional overcomplication.

                    Huawei is turning into Apple with these trash spec'd phones with flashy designs.

                      '2MP macro cam and a 2MP depth helper'

                      They should'nt exist anymore.

                        sd695 that is better than sd 732 and gpu is same as sd 750!
                        120hz display
                        66w fast chagre
                        amazing design

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                          • Anonymous
                          • b0K
                          • 16 Dec 2021

                          Back of the phone looks like the back of a PSP

                            Such a disappointment from Honor... Go to sleep again Honor.

                              Does Google Pay work on this one? NFC payment is not supported on the Honor 50

                                There has to be something these companies see that we don't understand. I mean why are they doing it the HTC, HMD and LG way while we all know that will end for them. Why this trend of overpriced phones with poor specs is still a thing, even Samsung who has a very strong brand name abandoned this strategy a long time know.

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                                  • Kiril
                                  • SHp
                                  • 16 Dec 2021

                                  Unfortunately Huawei phones these days offer decent specs and alright camera.Mate 40 pro was their last top notch phone with their own processor and great camera.Now their phones are average and less price competitive, other Chinese brands are gonna fill in the blank.

                                    I see Honor is also trying to compete in the "who can make the ugliest camera" challenge

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                                      • Silentwalker
                                      • ATV
                                      • 16 Dec 2021

                                      Honor is basically ruining its own business before it even went far into its global ambitions. These specs are really bad for its price range. There is so much better options available now for the same price. I'm so disappointed, I'm talking as a huge Huawei fan here.

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                                        • Dude
                                        • mtM
                                        • 16 Dec 2021

                                        Overpriced. Poor specs. Not even a wide angle cam or stereo speakers. Honor wants to go bankrupt?