Xiaomi 12's display detailed, gets A+ from DisplayMate

22 December 2021
The Xiaomi 12 series will be unveiled on December 28.

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When we compare quality and price i really wonder why xiaomi is still not the best phone manufactuer.
Poor huawei. Since they dropped xiaomi should be top with realme second and honor third. Comapnies like Samsung or Apple are too costly and dont offers even half of as much that gives xiaomi or realme in same price level.

    Techfun, 22 Dec 2021Marketing hype with briberyprove it

      JackDopey, 22 Dec 2021I can feel it in my bones. Xiaomi is gonna kill it this yea... morePity though they've downgraded the screen in terms of resolution and going with a local supplier rather than Samsung for the Xiaomi 12. It's obviously a cheaper screen than the Xiaomi 11. Hopefully there is a significant improvement in the main camera and ultrawide camera to make up for it, as it will still come with the obligatory macro

        I can feel it in my bones. Xiaomi is gonna kill it this year. I can just feel it.

        Off to the lions for the BBK weirdos this year. No periscope, 2/5mpxl depth/macro rottage. They can all burn in hell for all I care.

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          • 22 Dec 2021

          I'm really excited for a compact flagship!!!!

            Marketing hype with bribery