8 megapixel Sony Ericsson C905 Cyber-shot leaked

11 June, 2008
Well, Sony Ericsson have been covering this one up until now. Their uber cameraphone is finally in the wild with all...

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  • Anonymous

Best spec'd Sony Ericsson that I've seen! Well done!

  • Tralala

OMG the quality of pictures really suuuuuuuck's no true color no sharpness point of blue red and green in there.....bad thing !!!

  • Anonymous

Made to compensate for the Japanese S905i. Make it in on country make it the world : )

  • Anonymous

Everyone say it with me. NOKIA 6 2 8 8.

What are your thougts, is this a Nokia 6288 knock off with better spec's?

  • Mr. Hide

now Sony E. and samsung will copy NOKIA*. Im sure about that because thay always do that.

  • Anonymous

now nokia and samsung will copy SE. Im sure about that because thay always do that

  • eliter1

those pics don't look so good. They might be 8MP but the quality sucks.

  • Anonymous

Well.. there we have, a HUGE white balance issue. surely caused by a issue with the optics. these flare and big purple firing made the in "camera" the post processing make a mistake. 99% sure it can be solved easily, and/or other situations maybe no fix will be needed. I just played with the image a bit, i corrected the white balance and color leves, and the photo became great.

i have to say, im really surprised by the noise levels. they are very low, specially if we consider the ridiculously small sensor. ok that there's plenty of light, but i believe that in night situations it could have nice results.

  • Miss Hide

In reply to sophiosein @ 2008-06-12 20:08 from 40DJYou should also stick to posting in Nokia news articles, lest you get disappointed.

Yes, better stick there!

  • dual

Lets hope SE doesn't fumble this one like the K850. If they don't, I'm sold.


yo digo os creeis la polla pero no sois una puta mieeeeeeeeeerrdaaaa!!!,ok??weno pos q no me entere yo,esta eurocopa os vamos a dar por detras,alemania mierda,francia buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu y portugal son unos desagradecidos y ademas deberian de llamarse espaÑa coooooooooooooooÑoooooooooooooooo!!!!!**********­**!!!@@@·········@##########


sois unos sosos ,no contestais a na"joer

  • ariesnee

This one is really comic :) such a trashy pix . camera's battle :D

  • yomayo

actuay its no so bad..

  • TRUTH !


yes its portotype and SE will fix the colors,contrast,noise redution ,sharpness --- just wait and see ! it takes 4 month to be released , so BE PATIENT ! just look at the sample photos of samsung G810 , its TERRIBLE ! lots of noise ! again its portotype and no finished yet !

  • Anonymous

Can't anyone see that the photo was take in extremelly high ligth conditions,thats why this seems poor anyway,the car is so glossy,I saw some professional cameras that hade the same problem.I'm worried because on the Unnofficial SE blog they say that it doesn't have optical zoom...(this could also be the reason of the crispy image)

  • Samitha

Megapixels are not important if any mobile phone can capture a good quality pictures like regular digital camera,No matter even if 1 megapixels..

  • lonestar

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2008thats a fairly shocking example of images, its not the mpx count... morethis is just a rough draft of the phone...and these pic were most likely taken to satisfy curious ppl like me and you...I'm pretty sure that this is not the retail product performance.

  • Luhccas

?Is just a test with simple camera drive...
First version just say to developer how the phone reacts...

  • Anonymous

I am SO getting this phone!