8 megapixel Sony Ericsson C905 Cyber-shot leaked

11 June, 2008
Well, Sony Ericsson have been covering this one up until now. Their uber cameraphone is finally in the wild with all...

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  • nick

just watch sony erricson fit this into a 5.18mm lens

  • esh

i luv se ,my gosh,ze next world wonder after iphone in mobs,8 mp!!!!!!!didnt xpect zis!

  • madxtaz

unbeliveble.long live SE.

  • Bilal

By the time u wait for Q2 of 2009 for all the 8 MP camera phones to come out, that time u will find all the 12 MP camera phones :)

  • Andy Burgin

What a Beauty from Sony Ericsson at last as there previous phone have not be so impressived me but this one will really be a phone that will grab my intension,but like previous people have been commenting on i am sure Nokia will have there new phones ready to be announced to shock this mobile an outclass it,so lets see what Nokias reaction will be to this mobile as they always like to take the limelight of Ericssons mobiles an bring a more impressive mobile out

  • Anonymous

New Sony Ericsson c905 is the next world wounder.....
I Love Sony Ericsson.


now s.e hit the deck

  • Anonymous

I think im ganna wait for the Q2 of 2009. Let all the 8 megapixle cameraphones come out and get the best they can be, then it will be a much easier judgment on whats ganna be the best 8 megapixle camera phone.

  • Anonymous

oh wow. finally!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

great! my next fone! i will buy this one!!! i love my w910!!

  • Anonymous

I don't care about the megapixels. As long as it has a good sensor inside the camera then it'll produce great images. The c902 has a crappy sensor so the images it produced pales in comparison with the 6220 classic or the n82. Looking at the specs this phone could be such a great phone, I just hope sony sticks a better sensor in this one rather than just racking up the megapixels. If the picture quality sux, then I'll sick with a 5 megapixel camera phone with better quality.

I have high hopes for this phone, I just hope sony wouldn't do something stupid like they did to the c902.

  • jonathan

i donīt care about the camera, i want to know the functions, and if it be a smartphone or not, because its donīt be the first 8mpx cameraphone, but it can be the firs 8mpx smartphone, if not, this donīt be a great thing...

  • Anonymous

No phone besides nokia can use carl zeiss vario tessar lens. It's licensed with them for the next 20 years.

Nokia will announce their 8 MP N-series models in august. And yes they will have Dual Xenon Flash and combined with a sole graphic processing chip that is as good as a high end digital camera.

  • Muhammad-Oli

TopGun, 11 Jun 2008Come on ppl, wake up. How could this kick Nokia's a*s. Maybe on ... moreYou can't compare this with an N82/N95. Comparisons should be fair and this SE is a feature phone, not a smartphone like the N82 and N95 are. This SE kicks any company's feature phones asses.

However when it comes to SE's smartphones, I agree, they are definitely lagging behind the competition.

  • eternal_wind

heh, this Shiho girl is really beautiful. Far beautiful than you can imagine

I have a really high hope for this one.

  • Anonymous

More megapixel, and yet it seems that its all SE has to offer to surpass a nokia. The rest is less than N96. Its about time SE get convinced that they need a nokia to be at top of technology

  • TopGun

Come on ppl, wake up. How could this kick Nokia's a*s. Maybe on the non-OS camera phones... Try compare a N82/N95 8gb to this. Except the camera which is bigger... there is nothing this new S.E. stands out. So, S.E. fans, chill...this is not yet your escape from being jealous on Nokia's newest releases.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2008and does it have carl zeiss optics or not. If yes than the phone... moreCarl Zeiss only have the optical project for 99,99% of sony's products.. the cristal itself rarely is Carl Zeiss.

  • Anonymous

its superb hope it has a camera for video conferencing if so it sure is a 100/100