Here are all the Motorola smartphones getting Android 12

22 December 2021
Only a few 2020 phones are on the list, most of them have been released in 2021.

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  • Anonymous

ArxMaverick, 22 Dec 2021So my phone is eligible for Android 12 but I've not ev... moreThe new Motorola G10 gets no updates at all!

  • Anonymous

I'm using moto g10 released in mid-2021 not on the list android 12 updates, please tell to the Motorola.

Wait, RAZR 2020? The one with Snapdragon 710 chipset and physical fingerprint reader? That is rather impressive considering that it was originally shipped with Android 9.0 Pie out of the box.

  • Mamabee

Ifi awan, 25 Dec 2021I am using the Motorola g9 plus with android 11 and I think... moreIs Motorola available in Nigeria?I searched everywhere I can't find

  • Ifi awan

I am using the Motorola g9 plus with android 11 and I think this news is fake because I have 5 month before update from android 10 to 11. I think after January or February they do this.

Sagar, 24 Dec 2021Bro m a one fusion Plus user, still m running Android 10, n... moreYeah, drop that pos. Buy a Samsung.

  • Sagar

potato4k, 24 Dec 2021No, that’s not a surprise. Motorola never claimed updates m... moreBro m a one fusion Plus user, still m running Android 10, now say that Motorola was upfront

  • Natraj

rby205, 22 Dec 2021Moto One Fusion + Launched in 2020 with Android 10, hasn... moreYes, still not received. Two week before only received Android 11 soak test for registered users only... I think others may receive after 3 month...very Worst policy for software update in Motorola....

Paulw, 24 Dec 2021That's why after years I abandoned Motorola this year ... moreThe A52 series will be the gold standard for mid range updates. It gets monthly security updates like the flagships, and 3 years of upgrades. Samsung did a great job there. Good choice! Nothing is better in the price range unless you change phones every year.

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2021The surprising part is the fact some of these are only gett... moreNo, that’s not a surprise. Motorola never claimed updates more than one year. They did actually stated just one update for many of their devices. They’re upfront with it. So this is not a surprise at all.

  • Anonymous

Abhi, 24 Dec 2021Motorola Edge S should be consider tooIt is already

  • Abhi

Motorola Edge S should be consider too

potato4k, 22 Dec 2021Why are you surprised? Motorola only promised one Android u... moreThat's why after years I abandoned Motorola this year and went to a Samsung 52s 5G.

  • Anonymous

For me only need regular security updates for 3 years at least ,no new Android with limited new features.

  • Anonymous

Maruti, 23 Dec 2021Will i get android 12 update on my phone Moto g 10 powerBetter get your fingers crossed. It's not rare for Motorola to totally abandon updates for some models.

  • Dr. Common Sense

It never ceases to amaze me what people write on these forums. Look yes in many ways it is nice to have the latest software update or version of Google. Though a few things to remember, first of all not all phones will necessarily support the latest version in its entirety. Secondly these companies are running a business and want at some point for you to buy a new phone. Finally just because it's the latest version or newest model, doesn't necessarily mean it's better. Worth remembering before you get too hung up over something that in the grand scheme of things isn't going to make your life or longevity of your phone any better. Don't forget generally pound for pound, dollar for dollar, euro for euro or whatever your currency is? Motorola offer a good balance between quality, features, reliability and price compared to the Samsung and Apple products of the time. With very little in real terms to justify the over the top price those companies sell their products for. Time for people to get real on being so unrealistic on what they have not given you and more on what they have for a usually lesser price.

KondriX, 23 Dec 2021Yep, I still do not understand why people are so crazy abo... moreI completely get your point as I haven't felt much of a difference between android versions ever since 9, but having an outdated android version can be a legitimate security concern and also some essential apps stop working if you don't have a newer (or even the newest android version), banking apps are the best example of this

Trooper, 22 Dec 2021No love for the Moto G7 Play ?...That phone didn't even get android 11

  • Maruti

Will i get android 12 update on my phone Moto g 10 power

Srikanth B, 23 Dec 2021I want to Upgrade my Android version to 11.0 or 12.0 in mot... morenot Possible bro it outdated model 2018 its cant be update to android 11 or 12