Apple has 53.3% of US sales in last trimester, Android strong in EU

21 December, 2012
Apple seals highest market share percent in the US this last trimester, Samsung has 61% in Europe.

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  • AnonD-21638

Well its very clear, Apple is one self fish company just like RIM, these guys doesnt want to share thier OS with other companies. So U cant really complian whether its 1 against the All World. Its thier dull mind that puts them in a 1-20 situation.
RIM & Apple got to change.
Look at Nokia with SYMBIAN, they shared thier OS and became best Selling OS. Bcoz they shared Thier OS with Samsung, Motorola and Sonyericsson during the 2006-2008.

  • zaki

just try iphone 5..totally sucks.with 8 major issue really awesome improvement that Apple and their fans shouted.Network for sure got prblm as well like the other previous model.

  • Anonymous

Felipe, 23 Dec 2012Americans are everybody from the continent of America, study Geo... moreRiiiiiight. Because you always hear Canadians, Brazilians or Colombians refer to themselves as "Americans" right? Whether you like it or not "American" means from the USA. If you want to talk about the continents people usually say North American or South American, sometimes Central American. You're not from the Americas so it's a little bit understandable. Don't confuse "America" with Asia.

  • andro..

What about indian market?

  • no matter

Europeans doesn't understand threat form US goverment behind google. Every time your android hangs - you are being tracked.

  • jakey boy

If someone comes into my phone store and is hell bent on buying an iphone i work hard at selling a samsung gs3 or s2 or a cheaper handset. but otherwise i just sell them the iphone on the basis that they have already brought an apple product

  • 10SioN

The only reason why Apple has gain such with iPhone5 is because of their cowardly act with the Samsung lawsuit.

Infringement of designs aside, what Apple has been proud of for years of ingenuity and creativity, now cower under lawsuits and U.S. government protection.

Let Samsung run loose as per earlier this year, lets say sayornara to Apple's market share.

You can say all you want with your Apple fan base, reality is as such when there is a competitor, you loose all sense of dignity and pride and cower like a 8 year old hiding from fear of pain and loss.

  • AnonD-1825

AnonD-78671, 23 Dec 2012I think deep down people still trust Nokia in Europe. I'm still ... moreI dont think apple doing badly in europe, the android market just is so big. If you check europe countries sell charts you see iPhone 5 is in top place or very top.

But in reality how one or two iPhones can compete against 30+ android phones. It cant.

Its only one company against over 20 company.

  • AnonD-78671

AnonD-69463, 23 Dec 2012I have no idea how 36% is "relatively close" to 58% in... moreI wish I could somehow help you see straight. On the other hand I find your lack of objectivity entertaining!

  • AnonD-78671

I think deep down people still trust Nokia in Europe. I'm still not so sure about their WP8 choice though.

Apple is not doing well cause the iphone costs way more in Europe than it does in the states. And Europeans are going through a financial rough patch right now.

I don't imagine high end (500+) Android phones are doing great either...

  • LD

Nash, 22 Dec 2012The reason why Apple is stronger in USA is because of Biased mar... moreI fully agree mate. I have sat there and watched people come into a phone shore to buy either a phone or a tablet and they have full intention of buying a Samsung ...

Yet the sales person does nothing but rubbish the Samusung and talks up the iPhone. These poor people who have no idea end up bying the Apple devise on the basis of these 'experts' ... who mind you cannot even tell you what network frequency or type their carrier runs on ... it is just the "read a brochure" sales person.

They even go on to sell them Apple care - incase they ned help setting up the phone and if they damage the phone. The quickly forget to tell them that the hanset comes with a mandatory 2yr warranty by law ...

  • Felipe

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2012Of course Android will grow to the market leader as it is an Ame... moreAmericans are everybody from the continent of America, study Geography...and USA means United States OF America, belongs to America :D

  • wangdak

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2012Of course Android will grow to the market leader as it is an Ame... moreOff course it is very proud to be American to have these famous companies

  • Anonymous

AnonD-81292, 22 Dec 2012android will dominate the world soon, and apple will shutdown th... moreOf course Android will grow to the market leader as it is an Amercian technology! We Americans are proud of our technlogoies

  • Anonymous

AnonD-69463, 23 Dec 2012I have no idea how 36% is "relatively close" to 58% in... moreGeez. Stop being so butthurt. They're just reporting news as it becomes available. Go somewhere else then. You'll find more of the same because this is the latest status

  • whattheee

Ok.. Symbian? ..Seriously?

  • AnonD-69463

I have no idea how 36% is "relatively close" to 58% in Australia for example, Android is running the mobile industry now so please GSM Arena admit it and give rights and credit to people who work on it, It's also surprising you didn't come with the "global market" share, normally you do it when iPhone X makes a sale and you start comparing it to any other mobile, where ever you look you can find that Android is WAY ahead of any other OS, only in US the scale is going to Apple and no idea how that's possible but as you say it is a survey.
one last word GSM Arena, be fair or really people are going away from this website.

  • blabla

quite a big difference between Europe and US, so... 50% of americans are using the same phone, that.s cool, is this the smart half or...? curious, in China, Apple is not in the top 5, strange coz the other marketing guru ranks 1st (Samsung), i know...China is a poor country, etc...well, I live here, it.s not.

  • Aman

According to data gathered by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech Apple has secured a 53.3% sales share in the US in the 12 weeks ending on November 25. The main culprit for the impressive result is the iPhone 5. Apple has passed the 50% mark for the first time ever, scoring a huge 17.5 percent points.

  • Vick

God u compared three iOS Device to the huge Android market, i dont even know how much android devices have been made by htc, samsung, lg, motorola and still counting. You know my first thought was iPhone 5 vs samsung galaxy s3, s2, s, galaxy note, note 2, s3 mini, galaxy y, galaxy w, htc one x, one s, and not to mention all of course