Motorola is working on a new foldable Razr

24 December 2021
The third generation promises to outdo both of its predecessors.

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yalim, 27 Dec 2021both predessors available internationally? where? they were... moreThey were not exclusive for the US, both models were normally sold in Europe. Altough pricing was pretty much the same like the Z Flip so I guess not many units were sold.

both predessors available internationally? where? they were exclusive to US. besides,why did they cost twice galaxy flip despite midranger camera and specs?

I'm not against the next razr keeping battery efficient midrager chipsets. for example,s780 chipset will be perfectly fine if they give promise 2-3 major android sw updates.they can also add an ultrawide cam,too. launching price must be also lower than $900.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Dec 2021I hope so. Make a lite version of it. I don't need a t... moretotally agree, a sub 300 bucks razr with according specs (6/8gb ram, budget/midrange processor) would be perfect

  • Johnny

Flush camera! And big battery life that's all!!! And maybe something cool like infrared or 1tb internal memory

  • Anonymous

And then Google owns Lenovo

  • Anonymous

The Flip, 25 Dec 2021That's cool and expected. I still love my Razr 5G and ... moreSD766 os on par with the SD 845

  • Anonymous

I hope so. Make a lite version of it. I don't need a top end spec phone just want a good RAZR with good battery life and sturdy.
Don't mind about raw specs or advanced camera.

  • Ballenjongen

The 2019 Razr looked really awesome, the successor didn't appealed to me at all. I hope the new one will look awesome again like the 2019 one. I just ordered a Nokia X20 which is more than enough for me for now and the following years to come.

  • Goodfellow

They should remake the SLVR L7 model. Same size and same thinness full touch screen.

Let it be a proper flagship with no compromises & Motorola's iconic design with refinements. RAZR design is best among the clamshells no doubt.

This was exactly what they promised with the current 5G razr and we all know how that went.

I don't have any use to buy another clamshell. Even with the improvements. It's actually a bit overkill carrying two flip phones already but I do it in case I lose or break one. But I'm glad Motorola hasn't given up on this.

If you recall, there were many RAZRs after the original V3 in 2004. But many are still fond of that V3. I hear people say they used that one for 5+ years. So the Razr has never been known for top specs. Just design.

Hopefully this will be reviewed

While I still love the current RAZR 5G mainly because of its design, I'd love to see better camera hardware and Ready For support. I do think that Motorola can put an ultrawide camera at the back. About Ready For support, it was a shame that the RAZR 5G didn't have HDMI ALT video output support despite having a USB-C 3.1 port. I don't mind if Motorola keeps using the Snapdragon 700 series chipset as it is still a more than capable chipset for daily driving.

  • Trooper

Luxor, 25 Dec 2021First time seeing Motorola foldable? You should do a bit mo... moreBut there are (and will be) many other foldable phone released now and in the future, not just from Motorola. So, back to my question...

  • pranavgautam67

Finally, an update! I was about to pull the trigger on the Moto Razr 5g which still costs about 1200 USD in India. But I guess now I'd wait.

Trooper, 25 Dec 2021It's all nice having the new flip-phones emerging, but... moreFirst time seeing Motorola foldable? You should do a bit more reading.

Anonymous, 25 Dec moreThe Moto RAZR flip didn’t have a SIM slot (their first version).

  • Trooper

It's all nice having the new flip-phones emerging, but will we be able to 'flick-flip' with one hand, any of these open (just like the original flip-phones), or will they all require us to use two hands to open them up, to be able to use them ?. Oh!, and a flip-phone with out an external screen, is not a fully functioning phone...

I prefer my Flip 3 more than my Razr 5G because it has Flex mode which the P50 Pocket seems to also have. Flip 3 is also just better all-around like better cameras, faster and wireless charging, and way better SoC in the SD888.

Battery life is surprisingly about the same. But I do think the Razr 5G is a much nicer design with a way better cover display. I love how seamless GMaps is from big display to cover display. It also has double the storage so I use it a lot to download and watch movies.

Razr is built better as a flip phone while Flip 3 is a tall phone that can fold. But overall, the Flip 3 really is better. I tend to trust it more. Sometimes the cover display on my Razr 5G won't wake up. Need to reset it once a month. And shutter speed is slower.

Huawei P50 Pocket's outer display is as small and useless as the one found on the first two gens of the Z Flip. The Flip 3 has SamSprung that makes its cover display way more functional. No, thanks. Want the Find N.

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