Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro debut with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipsets, Xiaomi 12X comes with SD870

28 December 2021
All three phones will be available in China from December 31.

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  • MohammadAli
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  • 24 Jan 2022

I hope Xiaomi made xiaomi 12 also with dimensity 9000 , because snapdragon 8 gen 1 the newest version of snapdragon too bad and now dimensity is better choice 😥

    Hoping the Redmi fones will also get smaller screens

      Finally less than 70mm width on a Xiaomi flagship!

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        • p1g
        • 31 Dec 2021

        cozxta, 30 Dec 2021Which company besides Xiaomi still uses IR emitter? No one. Huawei does. 😂

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          • AnonD-762416
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          • 31 Dec 2021

          Anonymous, 29 Dec 2021Chinese phones are already cheaper than samsung when you ch... moreWhen you know you've lost, you start rambling. I pity you.

            cozxta, 30 Dec 2021Which company besides Xiaomi still uses IR emitter? No one. That's just one small example I gave... The etcetera at the end points to multiple things absent on apple hardware making it overall cheaper

              veryangrynerd, 30 Dec 2021They went back to curved displays 🤦‍♂️And ugly curved edges, instead off sharp.
              Whenever there's a concept designed phone, millions want that phone, even gsmarena loves concept designed boxy rectangular sharp corners with flat back design.

              This reminds me off Sony Z1

                ABF Media, 29 Dec 2021"Apple pays $80 for Full HD/60Hz/8bit screen used by i... moreWhich company besides Xiaomi still uses IR emitter? No one.

                  They went back to curved displays 🤦‍♂️

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                    • ASL
                    • Fvd
                    • 30 Dec 2021

                    why no optical

                      wews, 29 Dec 2021what about their buggy software? does their software have l... moreDude which phone are U using right now or which EMIUI version I think I can solve your problem due to software.

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                        • xD4
                        • 30 Dec 2021

                        No love for Dimensity 9000. I was expecting a variant of the 12 with that chipset. Hopefully Xiaomi does not ignore it

                          Anonymous, 29 Dec 2021Really?! Who has bigger sensors on ultrawide and tele? Give... moreThe actual sensor size on the tele and ultrawide is 1/2.76". Something like the Axon 30 ultra is using bigger and better sensors on the ultrawide and telephoto (around 1/2" and also bigger pixel sizes). Not too many have bigger telephotos but this telephoto is basically mainly for 2x portraits so it's kind of going to be not very useful for general zoom shots at all (Phones like the Magic 3 pro and Huawei p50 pro have much bigger telephoto sensors - OV64B. Also the Pixel 6 pro). Many manufacturers use bigger sensors on ultrawides on their flagships and budget flagships e.g. Oppo find x3 and find x3 pro (imx766 - same as main sensor on Xiaomi 12), Oneplus 9 and Oneplus 9 pro (imx766), Vivo x60 pro+, Vivo x60 prot+ and Vivo x70 pro+ (imx 598). Even the Moto x30 which costs 2,999rmb (around $470) uses the same ultrawide as the Xiaomi 12 pro plus. Still, personally think the camera setup is still good on the Xiaomi 12 pro plus. At least it has a top class main sensor. The Xiaomi 12 is a little more disappointing.

                            Anonymous, 29 Dec 2021Nice. Thanks! Also mi 11 lite uses chinese OLED screens. Yeah, the Mi 11 lite series uses mixed screens. Some are made TCL CSOT (Huaxing) and some are made by Tianma. The Huaxing ones are pretty good as they use the diamond pixel arrangement but the Tianma ones use the Delta pixel arrangement which results in more pixel loss and less sharp screens. Pot luck as to which one you get

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                              • g8K
                              • 29 Dec 2021

                              Raky, 28 Dec 2021They are, perfectly ok devices...but it will cost cost as m... moreYeah i know, just because i like it doesn't mean i would buy it tho

                                Anonymous, 29 Dec 2021Chinese phones are already cheaper than samsung when you ch... more"Apple pays $80 for Full HD/60Hz/8bit screen used by iphone 13.
                                Be sure it costs much more than many Full HD/120Hz used by cheaper phones. "

                                But it also pays less for using in-house processor or waterproofing a handset or because of bulk orders costing less for individual components or skipping many hardware components altogether like ir blaster, type C cable, multiple cameras etc.

                                Your knowledge about BOM is extremely laughable.

                                  kai, 29 Dec 2021Without OIS on tele even for the Pro version? What were you... moreAgree

                                    Anonymous, 29 Dec 2021Samsung and Applr use a different set of materials and comp... moreDisplay doesn't make any difference in this case
                                    There wasn't any difference two years back, in terms of battery life, since it was running much effecient snapdragon 865.
                                    Screen on times have been cut down by an hour due to snapdragon 888 chip.
                                    Display is hardly making a difference here.

                                      Anonymous, 29 Dec 2021Apple for years was criticised for having HD on small iphon... moreThat's true, OLED Pentile matrix with 1080p resolution is more like 900p compared with LCD full RGB matrix, on big 6.5inch+ displays the 1080p resolution is not so sharp, looking up close with the naked eye the crosshatch pattern of the Pentile matrix is visible and it is always visible in little icons and texts.

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                                        • 29 Dec 2021

                                        Aierlan, 29 Dec 2021I got it from the Daily Economic News website (Chinese webs... moreNice. Thanks!

                                        Also mi 11 lite uses chinese OLED screens.