Weekly poll: what do you think of the Xiaomi 12 series?

02 January 2022
Can the Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro top the other Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 phones? Or is the Xiaomi 12X a better pick?

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Aan2007, 18 Jan 2022yeah i am aware of zenfone 8 build issues iphone is usel... moreAre you the same guy I replied to? If so, S21 is good value for what it is, a compact phone. For not having ramdump issues of Zenfone 8, for not being as expensive as Sony Xperia, and for not having the problems of iPhones.
If you don't like S21 and want a compact phone, you'll have to settle for a Pixel 4a or S10e.

    walkman8, 18 Jan 2022The whole point of criticism is for the criticized to learn... moreThanks to Android, the phone market is innovating and new things are happening. Otherwise Apple would have nothing to copy, and fans would have nothing to praise them of.

      RandyRiffin, 17 Jan 2022I don't recommend the Asus Zenfone 8, as it has Random... moreyeah i am aware of zenfone 8 build issues

      iphone is useless for someone who cant stand ios

      S21 way too expensive, price not dropping (outside US)

      xperia not worth words - too expensive, too long, quite bad camera

        RandyRiffin, 17 Jan 2022Thank you for adding suggestions. Maybe they should follow ... moreThe whole point of criticism is for the criticized to learn from their mistakes.
        A real phone geek likes a phone regardless of its brand. I want everyone to improve their specs (be it Xiaomi, OnePlus, Apple or Motorola). The bigger the competition, the higher is the level of innovation --> happier customers, even the brand loyal ones.

          walkman8, 16 Jan 2022There are billion things they could've added that'... moreThank you for adding suggestions. Maybe they should follow Samsung, with Ois on telephoto, and no ois on ultrawide but steady mode on ultrawide. S21 has Ltpo adaptive screen, and ultrasonic sensor. I think 4k 120/ 8k 30 should only be on main camera, 4k60 can be on other cameras. I'm talking about the base 12 by the way. LOL a lot of the stuff you mention is on the S21, so I guess S21 isn't bad after all.

            Anonymous, 03 Jan 2022I am interested for SD card, headphone jack bigger battery,... moreWell get a budget phone. We have plenty of those. Anyway, for this size, the battery size is humungous. It's 4500 mAh in 6.28 inch phone. Using this proportion, it would have 4300 mAh in a 6 inch body. That's like 300 mAh more than S21's 4000 mAh.

              Bzbzbz, 02 Jan 2022"The Motorola Edge X30, the first Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 p... moreDon't worry. Xiaomi 12 Pro only heats up to 45C

                asdedasdasd, 02 Jan 2022Waiting Xiaomi 12 Ultra - the king !!!Heavier than a king's crown.

                  AhmedSLL, 02 Jan 2022First go for the 12, the 12X is a little bit overpriced for... moreAt least Snapdragon 870 is stable and does not overheat unlike 8 Gen 1, and just watch my words, battery life will almost certainly be better on Xiaomi 12X. You must play a lot of intensive games, like Crysis on emulator? To know the difference between two very powerful chipsets - 870, 8 Gen 1

                    Aan2007, 02 Jan 202212X seems like my future phone, much better VFM and availab... moreThe phones I recommended are best, but in fact if you want a compact phone and don't care about a budget chipset, you can get lots of phones in the past years.

                      Aan2007, 02 Jan 202212X seems like my future phone, much better VFM and availab... moreI don't recommend the Asus Zenfone 8, as it has Random bricking issues (shame as it has flagship specs), and the camera isn't top notch for the price. Pixel 5 has worse value and features compared to everything in its price range. But keep in mind Pixel 5 still has great cameras, it's just performance that is low. Yes, Xiaomi 12x is a great phone to purchase.
                      Here are some alternatives: - Sony Xperia 10 III (compact, micro sd card and headphone jack, outstanding battery life, good protection, but bad low light camera and only 60Hz)
                      - Samsung Galaxy S21 (also compact, with still flagship chipset and great cameras, as long as you don't mind the plastic back)
                      iPhone 13 Mini (very compact, fast and great cameras but average battery life, no high refresh rate, slow charging and if you want iOS)

                        darkon11, 02 Jan 2022"the 6.28” display is a welcome departure" For w... moreNope you don't. These are the types of comments that anger me. If you want to buy a big phone for not a lot of money, there are plenty of options. Redmi Note 11 Pro, Poco F3, Xiaomi 11T, Oneplus 8 Pro, Motorola Edge X30/G51/ Edge 20/G200, Vivo Iqoo 9, S21 Ultra all have gigantic displays. But small phones are rare. That's why we came here.

                          RandyRiffin, 16 Jan 2022Tell me bro, what is there to improve in flagships? Perform... moreThere are billion things they could've added that's within the reach of possible.
                          -IP68 (M11Pro had it!)
                          -LTPO 1-120Hz adaptive refresh rate screen
                          -USB type-c 3.2
                          -telephoto WITH OIS
                          -ultrawide with OIS and AF / macro mode
                          -8k@30fps/4k@120 fps video recording with all rear cameras
                          -selfie cam with 4k video recording
                          -ultrasonic fingerprint sensor
                          -Wi-Fi 6e

                          Ultra version can have the sensor-shift OIS, underscreen selfie cam, 1˝ main sensor, 5000 mah battery, periscope 5x zoom, cheramics and sapphire camera lenses.

                            gsmfan 1, 02 Jan 2022actually apart from the software and ip rating, i cant thin... moreSoftware is more important than everything else according to these people (not me). Even if it has crappy specs, Pixel will still be a fan favourite.

                              Anonymous, 02 Jan 2022I bet at least 10 out 10 people here that say " no jac... moreOr their phones have crappy specs

                                Anonymous, 02 Jan 2022You don't say. 8 gen 1 is an overclocked 888, 888 is a... moreUsing that logic, I guess 855 is an overclocked 845? In my opinion, 865 was the last great

                                  walkman8, 02 Jan 2022Agreed. It's embarrassing they used the 12 moniker for... moreTell me bro, what is there to improve in flagships? Performance? Well blame that on Qualcomm. Screen is awesome, Battery is awesome, only thing left is cameras.

                                    Anonymous, 02 Jan 2022No headphone jack = no buy No micro SD = no buy 1080p = n... moreWell good luck finding 1440p on any phone smaller than 6.5 inches and hence not heavyweight toppled, and a headphone jack on any phone that is not budget.

                                      IpsDisplay, 02 Jan 2022The Xiaomi 12 is just... Alright.. The snap 8 gen 1 is g... moreSo... Xiaomi 12X is the best deal? With better sustained performance and battery and cheaper? Also, it's not like you expected the 'newer processors and cameras' to be better. We have already (almost) reached peak smartphone.

                                        Shadocx, 03 Jan 2022Go buy your budget garbage with 720p display then.Haha. Nice one. They won't like that.