HMD launches four new Nokia C and G-series smartphones at CES 2022

05 January 2022
Coming to the US later in Q1.

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Ali gee, 06 Jan 2022Please for god sake comeback with your beast devices like a... moreHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahahaHahaha

    Philbert, 08 Jan 2022I love Nokia but this is absolutely absurd. Nobody is askin... moreNo....Steve who...what's his number he on face l have any idea....back to the beginning....No....

      flashingash, 10 Jan 2022Purpose of hmd is only to kill nokia brand, spoil its image... moreNo chance....

        • S
        • Sin
        • 0Rw
        • 18 Jun 2022

        Just about the Nokia software

        Do all Nokia c serles smartphone run AndroidGo ? The new smartphone run AndroidGo or AndroidOne
        I know. The g serles run stock AndroidOne

        What do people know about AndroidGo I mainly know of it as a lighter version of Android never used it myself does it have the full flexibility and functionality of Android or is it more strict and locked down like Chrome os ?

          • S
          • Sin
          • pJw
          • 18 Jun 2022

          erice12, 14 Feb 2022I like the C100 as it a budget phone. The phone is polished... moreThe Nokia c100 does stand out as a amazing budget smartphone

          AndroidOne is really good I really appreciate Nokia keeping there budget smartphones up-to-date

          I think hmd global has made Nokia the best budget brand I think in the market if anything Nokia is better now then they have been in history

          With Nokia smartphone running Android instead of Windows Microsoft
          won't be able to destroy the brand by not supporting the os

            • o
            • ob
            • KiQ
            • 28 Feb 2022

            Snapdragon 615?? Am i missreading it or you guys are typo or Snap 615 has been refreshed by qualcomm?

              • B
              • B.Lee
              • TqI
              • 18 Feb 2022

              I think the Nokia C200 is a great choice for consumers with the affordable price point and the reliable Helio processor.

                • e
                • erice12
                • fC$
                • 14 Feb 2022

                I like the C100 as it a budget phone. The phone is polished with all the decent specs including the mediatek processor.

                  • ?
                  • Anonymous
                  • 7N7
                  • 12 Jan 2022

                  DaveR, 11 Jan 2022One of many reason could be because Nokia highest profit is... moreNokia the network company is separate to HMD that have the licence to use the Nokia name to sell phones.

                    • D
                    • DaveR
                    • Mbw
                    • 11 Jan 2022

                    Aacro X, 06 Jan 2022Why are they still making ONLY entry-level phones? And the ... moreOne of many reason could be because Nokia highest profit is not selling phones anymore, their really profit is on networking, pretty much they own 5G worldwide and most carriers have to come through them. Also, if you look at the world wide market workforce is still adults from 30 - 60 years old which care not about having the latest flagship phones, nor will pay above $400 dollars if they can have a phone with a camera, good ram, memory enough for their photos and that will allow them to connect to their email, social media and GPS

                      • N
                      • Nick
                      • XBJ
                      • 11 Jan 2022

                      Aacro X, 06 Jan 2022Why are they still making ONLY entry-level phones? And the ... moreBecause hmd global doesn't have any resources to compete favourably at the high end segment. Most other phone manufacturers that sell phones with high specs and low prices don't actually make money from the phones themselves but the ads and bloatware they preinstall on the phones and they don't provide good software support too(this is quite similar to console makers like Xbox and playstation, they don't make money on the console's themselves but on the games you buy from them).
                      Nokia don't serve ads and they provide security and software updates (for the most part) and these cost money to do so at the end they don't have any resources to make high end phones. I think they need to streamline Thier phone because it looks like they are trying to copy Motorola and I don't like this strategy.

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                        • flashingash
                        • Hkr
                        • 10 Jan 2022

                        Purpose of hmd is only to kill nokia brand, spoil its image by release unwanted stuff, ewaste. Over the time 2/3 generations down people might really forget nokia mobiles. Wonder why nokia has given license to hmd ? why did they sell to hmd?? hope they comeback with a bang soon b4 its too late... well companies know what they are doing so there must be a reason..!!

                          • C
                          • Carol
                          • n@x
                          • 09 Jan 2022

                          Anonymous, 05 Jan 2022Why can’t they make some decently specced phones with a rea... moreFirst of all, hmd has a whole lot of other marketing strategy where selling customer data for making money is NOT included. Second of all, there are tones of devices comming out of china and floading the market, that do just that what you ask for, why on earth would hmd want to be just another one of them? Third: hmd works with Nokia mindset, ethics and Principles while xiaomi and other chinese companies are mostly copy paste waiting for innovations to be reverse engineered, sell for cheap to be able to sell and make money out of the customer data. If you want that, only for cheaper devices then there are a tone of devices for you. hmd does not need to be like that, nor is it wanted by their customers or leaders for them to turn roads.

                            • C
                            • Carol
                            • n@x
                            • 09 Jan 2022

                            Bitzer, 06 Jan 2022This is because HMD bought Nokia guys. Because the original... moreAnother one... hmd did NOT buy Nokia, and nokia is not sale. hmd would have never be able to pay for it even if it would be on sale. Read and study before talking, it might make you seem smarter.

                              • C
                              • Carol
                              • n@x
                              • 09 Jan 2022

                              Bebochekov, 06 Jan 2022It's just all the Nokia designers got together and sta... moreMicrosoft never owned the Nokia name. Nokia as a company never closed and are up on charts in 5G technology. hmd actually license Nokia name and technology for mobile devices. Would be nice to read capable comments here from time to time, it is down right hilarious what people come up with, even tough nothing of this information is hidden and is actually easy to be found. Like just going to would be enough to put some puzzles together, yeah is tough easier to blabble about things instead of actually know about them.

                                • S
                                • Santiago Mijares
                                • 7XY
                                • 09 Jan 2022

                                Really? Qualcomm Snapdragon 615?! No wonder any phone in the present uses a 2014 processor!

                                  • C
                                  • Carol
                                  • 3td
                                  • 09 Jan 2022

                                  Philbert, 08 Jan 2022I love Nokia but this is absolutely absurd. Nobody is askin... moreThey all are US versions carrier locked. First read the artivle, then comment. Not that the comment would have been any more usefull but at least would have shown that you've tried...

                                    Anonymous, 07 Jan 2022Am I right reading this SD615? The 2014 SoC from almost a d... moreIt is not confirmed. The HMD execs who did the presentation in December probably had the wrong data written on the slides. Or better let's say even hmd is not yet sure of the specs. The phones come out 3+ months later anyways. We'll see when they come.

                                      • P
                                      • Philbert
                                      • cUX
                                      • 08 Jan 2022

                                      I love Nokia but this is absolutely absurd. Nobody is asking for more midrange phones.

                                      Nokia currently has 15 different phones on their website for sale.
                                      Apple meanwhile has 4. Less is more Nokia, did you learn nothing from Steve Jobs?

                                        • D
                                        • AnonD-1018516
                                        • fDk
                                        • 07 Jan 2022

                                        Anonymous, 05 Jan 2022 Phone was way cheaper than S21 everywhere. But it is not when it's first released. And yes, the S21 might have plastic back but it still has some mainstream and almost standard features like 120hz.