HMD launches four new Nokia C and G-series smartphones at CES 2022

05 January 2022
Coming to the US later in Q1.

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  • Rocky
  • rJJ
  • 05 Jan 2022

Phone releasing in 2022 with Sd615, 2014 processor..

    Wait, Snapdragon 615? The chipset from 2014? Don't tell me I'm reading that right...

      Redmi 6A launched with Mediatek A22 in 2018 for around 100$ and Lenovo vibe K5 plus launched with SD616 in 2016 for around 120$! It's sad that innovative brands like LG died while the consumer rip-offs like HMD global's Nokia are surviving. I don't understand the world.

        Nokia never fails to impress me by making more shovelware.

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          • Anonymous
          • va0
          • 05 Jan 2022

          Lord nah

            Come on Nokia ...