Xiaomi confirms February arrival for the Redmi K50 series, 120W charging for K50 Pro

05 January 2022
The 4,700 mAh battery of the phone will be charged from 0 to 100% in 17 minutes.

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  • Hyo Rim 1st

I'm hoping that the price will not increase and stay at the Poco F3 range. Any thoughts on the expected launch Price?

I remember when Xiaomi marketed the Redmi models as its budget line and the Black Shark models as its gaming line, yet here we are with another Redmi with the most expensive chip on the market. The "release as many phones as you can and rename them in different markets" approach is done to death by Xiaomi and Realme.

  • Spazwanger

I'm LOVIN' it!

Kiwi, 05 Jan 2022I have Poco F3 A. K. A Redmi K40 in China. For the price, ... moreYou know that you could have bought Redmi K** instead of a cheaper cut-the-corners-Poco version and crying about it?

They better bring out the K50 Gaming Edition with either 8 Gen 1 or Dimensity 9000... I went down to the tax free city of Eilat this weekend to check out the Asus Rog 5s pro or what have you... I really am excited for gaming phones this year. Especially with these new SoC's. I really can't quite decide on SoC's... I mean I think the 8Gen 1 in a gaming phone is going to be amazing. With a monster of a GPU and already impressive enough CPU... But that 9000 Dimensity.... Man. The CPU is more powerful than the 8Gen 1. And the GPU is real powerful too. Maybe the GPU isn't quite as powerful as the 8Gen 1. But as a gamer. I have never been in this difficult decision choosing point quite like this.

Last time it was choosing between gaming phones. I have a red magic... Now it's a choice of more gaming phones... And... Which SoC... Wow.

  • Anonymous

I just need a headphone jack on this :I

  • Anonymous

DenDanBadum, 05 Jan 2022Well, maybe you dont know but NVIDIA are greedy company, th... moreTesla cars and Nintendo Switch use Tegra chips. Nvidia could never get the tdp of their chips low enough for mobile use but they're still good chips if you can supply enough power to them.

  • BlackJesus

4fon, 05 Jan 2022Hopefully a dimensity 8000 on the K50 🤗Did you read the article?

It will be the “coldest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 phone”, Xiaomi says.

Don't disappoint, don't disappoint, don't disappoint...

  • Kiwi

I have Poco F3 A. K. A Redmi K40 in China.
For the price, I like everything about it except for the average cameras and decent software.
Hopefully the Redmi K50 at least has 64MP camera with OIS and a 12MP ultrawide.

  • DenDanBadum

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2022MediaTek needs to partner with Nvidia just like Samsung did... moreWell, maybe you dont know but NVIDIA are greedy company, they want all for them, even working with Mediatek they want all the credits and patents.

Worth mention why Nvidia pull out of mobile SoC in 2012/13 cause they cant compete with Qualcomm...even tho they have more expertise in chip manufacture in that time.

NVIDIA are centered in GPU only, they never be sucess out of their main focus business.

  • Anonymous

MediaTek needs to partner with Nvidia just like Samsung did with AMD for mobile graphics.

  • Anonymous

poco f4...

Roger that. Fire in the Hole

Hopefully a dimensity 8000 on the K50 🤗