Asus Zenfone 9 and ROG Phone 6 designs spotted in Android 12 update

06 January 2022
Our first look at Asus' 2022 phone lineup.

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  • 19 Jun 2022

Cero, 08 Mar 2022I hone Asus will use 8 Gen 1+ by TSMCMe too Snapdragon 8 gen 1 plus

That be amazing inside the new ASU Rog phone I do hope the ASU Rog phone can handle the new processor

I really do hope ASU stop using this passive cooling system nonetheless and put a real fan in there next gaming smartphone

Today's processors are more powerful and hotter than ever we need a highly aggressive active cooling system nonetheless if need be fans that can sceam out loud in order to cool the phone down if push comes to shove

In today's market with todays standards ASU is rather far behind there competition on top of that asu phones have a premium price tag at least ASU updates there gaming smartphones software

Lenovo legion y90 & Nubia red magic look like far better opinions now with built-in fans active cooling system either one being the worlds best gaming smartphone

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    • t7x
    • 02 Apr 2022

    Anonymous, 11 Mar 2022I hope for zenfone 9 they use a weaker cpu for more battery... moreAgree. I'd take sd 865, which still has more than acceptable performance, over an 888 if it gave me a thin phone with great thermals. Mobile chipsets actually hold onto their performance for a long time so long as they're flagship range. A sd 865 today would still be fine for most people.

    On the other hand, new chipsets like the sd 888 run hot. They need way more cooling. I don't want phone design to go down that route.

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      • 27 Mar 2022

      J Royal, 09 Feb 2022I was hoping that the Zenfone 9 flip would be a pro phone w... moreYes. I totally agree with you I was quite excited to see the Zenfone 8 Flip improve over the Zenfone 7 Pro with better cameras etc but it was basically Zenfone 7 Pro with the newer SD 888 and I was quite disappointed with they put so much effort in the standard Zenfone 8 when that is actually a cheaper device and the smaller device had better speakers, camera system because of OIS, better display (120hz) and a freaking headphone jack when the larger & more expensive Zenfone 8 Flip didn't have it. Seriously Asus?? Also, they only launched the Zenfone 8 (not flip) here and that too just a few weeks ago which was 8-9 months later the global launch in India and it was still on Android 11 not 12!! And it would be seriously disappointing if they kill the flip camera from the next Zenfone 9 altogether

        expandablestoragpls, 20 Mar 2022Your idea of "Moving on" Involves dumping feature... moreMy idea of moving on is involving a much simpler features rather than a complicated one. Surely I'd be extremely mad when 3.5mm jack was removed in 2016 but in 2022, there are many other solutions including wireless headphones which in the normal case, aside from audiophiles, is a great alternative.

        Of course I'm not saying that we should lower down the standards of consumer because things change over time like now, a high refresh rate display is a normal feature for a phone which back in 2016, had yet to exist.

        The things is, our standard for a phone keeps changing and we obviously can't stay the same. It's the same as Micro SD slot. They removed it cuz most of the smartphones nowadays have at least 128GB storage which has the same case as in 2016.

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          • 20 Mar 2022

          Anonymous, 07 Jan 2022i dont think he will buy it even got all those thing he men... moreNo, He has every right to complain and demand as a consumer. That is his right and you have no right to berate him for expecting features THAT are capable of being put on even the cheapest of phones buying a 1.5k experia phone is not a valid solution. Yes they would buy as they said so, Gas lighting.

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            • 20 Mar 2022

            Tigolebitties, 07 Jan 2022This ain't 2016 anymore. Move onYour idea of "Moving on" Involves dumping features of value and downgrading our standards as consumers, Because its past 2016 we should accept worse hardware eg no expandable storage mediocrity and less capable devices? No thanks, the fact that this is 2022 makes the removal of these features unacceptable.

            Wired audio is still better and a dongle is not a solution as you have to carry around extra and its not practical for charging split dongles agent great either

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              • 20 Mar 2022

              salarx, 08 Jan 2022Since Rog Phone has better thermal management, big battery,... moreThere is no evidence that said chip is efficient.

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                • 20 Mar 2022

                salarx, 08 Jan 2022Let's pray Asus pick up Dimensity 9000 in one of their... moreLet's pray not. In fact I would argue it would kill of th e entire phone line, the performance of those chips are not good and its a matter of fact the worst thing about it is comparability. No thanks.

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                  • phonewatch53
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                  • 20 Mar 2022

                  Anonymous, 11 Mar 2022I hope for zenfone 9 they use a weaker cpu for more battery... moreIt does not work that way. Just using a weaker CPU won't result in lower battery life and a smaller phone does not make performance any less relevant, Having said that most people in general do not need anything more than mid range for smooth use for years even in games with the exception of a very very select few.

                  I can't say I would want this though, I install custom ROMs on these phones and use them for 5+ years normally. Flagship Chips are ideal for this unless you like phone hopping which in my opinion is killing our planet. Electronic waste is a very serious issue. Far more serious than renewable vs non renewable fuels.

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                    • vxF
                    • 11 Mar 2022

                    I hope for zenfone 9 they use a weaker cpu for more battery life, and improve on the camera tech. Because idk who games at high settings on a smaller sized phone

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                      • 08 Mar 2022

                      I hone Asus will use 8 Gen 1+ by TSMC

                        I was hoping that the Zenfone 9 flip would be a pro phone with better video and improved camera quality, with OIS and maybe a headphone jack. I really love the flip camera concept. I was going to buy the 8 flip, but after watching many many reviews (while in search of a new phone), I was not happy with the camera, much less the video, quality.
                        To me, with a bit of tweaking, the flip phone can be an awesome phone. I am very sad to see that they may be abandoning the flip camera. I am no phone expert, but I appreciate their effort and willingness to try very different designs. I really, really love the flip setup. Oh well

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                          • 31 Jan 2022

                          They need the flip , 15 Jan 2022They must add image stabilisation on the flip. Only reason ... moreZenfone 7 pro has Image stabilisation

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                            • 15 Jan 2022

                            Enethim, 11 Jan 2022I hope they didn't abandon FLIP camera in zenfone line... moreThey must add image stabilisation on the flip. Only reason I didn't get the 8 or 7 flip. Put a good sensor with a better software.

                              come on Asus, put your USB on the center of the lower side, like everyone, to allow us to use other gadgets better ones and cheaper than your own and I'll be among the first to pre order one when it's time. Camera really don't carry much wight with me so please guys, be a little flexible. Very good phone, low quality gaming gadgets. I have my pc monitor and pc GPU from you, which costed a lot of money so listen to what people ask.

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                                • LrW
                                • 12 Jan 2022

                                Enethim, 11 Jan 2022I hope they didn't abandon FLIP camera in zenfone line... moreDo you know if they will release the Zenfone 8 as a Pro version like the 7 Pro??

                                Asus Zenfone 7 Pro (flip phone) si the Best phone ever made!!

                                  I hope they didn't abandon FLIP camera in zenfone line up... Look what they have done with 8.

                                    salarx, 08 Jan 2022Let's pray Asus pick up Dimensity 9000 in one of their... moreSince Rog Phone has better thermal management, big battery, it can do with worse efficiency of Snapdragon, but higher performance of Adreno would definitely be beneficial in gaming, so it's a good tradeoff. Zenfone would benefit from the much efficient Dimensity 9000, since it has smaller battery and very less space for for thermal management. Yo Asus, if you're reading this, make sure you make the right choice!
                                    And Dimensity should be cheaper for Asus, since all 3 companies, Asus, TSMC, Mediatek are in Taiwan.

                                      Let's pray Asus pick up Dimensity 9000 in one of their devices. They were the first to include Ryzen Processors in their flagship devices (even when they have very good relations with Intel and receive processors ahead of the competition). So I expect a similar trend in mobile space, if the Dimensity 9000 is really worth it. Ideally, they should use Dimensity 9000 for Zenfone and Snapdragon for ROG.

                                        Anonymous, 07 Jan 2022Unless the new Snapdragon chip doesn't overheat like 8... moreMmm hmm definitely a no for me, I've checked Golden Reviewer on YouTube making a content about reviewing the newest SD 8 Gen 1 chipset, which is quite disappointing because of the heat is much more insane than SD 888 Plus. So I'm afraid that the chipset alone will destroy the device because of the insane heat... Unless this Rog 6 is compatible with the SD 8 Gen 1 Chipset.