Samsung shuts down the Tizen app store

08 January 2022
The last Tizen OS-powered smartphone was released back in 2017.

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  • 13 Jun 2022

How i download whatsapp

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    • 24 Mar 2022

    Now, how we download the application ???😭😭

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      • 24 Mar 2022

      So now how we will download the appli

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        • 26 Feb 2022


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          • 18 Feb 2022

          xilou, 15 Jan 2022Wait, what about smart TV's?For Smart TV's purchase external media devices like Chromecast or Android media sticks or boxes. Unfortunately Tizen app store is gone for good as my friends accidentally realized in end of January 2022. No native Tizen apps for Samsung Smart TV anymore.

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            • 15 Feb 2022

            Toner, 19 Jan 2022How do we switch to androidBuy the android phone😪

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              • 19 Jan 2022

              How do we switch to android

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                • 15 Jan 2022

                Wait, what about smart TV's?

                  Duck of death, 13 Jan 2022What's atrocious about it? All my streaming services o... moreYou must have a pretty clunky phone, cheap tablet, and old PC.
                  The last Tizen/Samsung I played with was an early 2019 model and I don't think that's much better or worse than the latest 2021 models. It was sluggish.

                  I guess you didn't read my comments properly because I wasn't advocating for AndroidOS everywhere. But it is apparent that Samsung's developers have been stretched thin, their software needs more work on certain appliances. You can go check Google for reviews actual owners left, there are plenty of negative ones out there.

                  And this isn't a knock-on Linux, I am a fan, but if you're going to be selling a mainstream device for reasonable money, it doesn't matter if it runs a Linux Distro or something else: it should run well.

                    Kangal, 10 Jan 2022I have the same 2015 LG TV, and honestly it's bad. Wh... moreWhat's atrocious about it? All my streaming services opens faster, are more stable and streams at a higher quality on my Sansung TV than any phone, tablet or high performance PC I have. If your hate easy and stable things, I guess you love the trash Google sells you .

                    By comparison my TV is probably some old quad core Exynos with 4GB RAM and SD storage while my PC is a 12 core monster with 32GB overclocked RAM and 5,000 GB/s storage.

                      peter, 11 Jan 2022Would never ever buy a tv with samsung tizen or lg webos. ... moreIt is clear don't have a clue and you've never used a TV with Tizen.

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                        • 11 Jan 2022

                        "Time to switch to IOS" or you can buy a newer Samsung. Isn't that hard

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                          • 11 Jan 2022

                          Would never ever buy a tv with samsung tizen or lg webos.

                          They were certain to lose manufacture support and be closed down.

                          Its clear tv msnuf dont have a clue about os for their tv and should only manufacture tvs and seperate third party devices for internet and iptv.

                            Anonymous, 09 Jan 2022Samsung confirms it won't do away with Tizen in favour... moreThat comment was true for early and mid-2021.
                            This current news comes here in 2022. The ramifications it will have is in the next few months. Remember, Samsung's TVs are actually using TIZEN OS and it is a "Smart TV" with its own App Store. So the news that they're closing the Tizen App Store which looks to be targeted at their phones, it also affects their Watches and their TV.

                            I really think after 12 months, Samsung will switch entirely. The old/current users will be given some time to use their services for a limited time, until they shut down the servers.

                            Again, the best outcome would be if Samsung released it open-source, then Huawei picks it up and uses it for "HarmonyOS" instead of doing what their currently doing with their Android Fork.

                              Anonymous, 09 Jan 2022webOS could be faster now but my 2015 LG TV is the slowest ... moreI have the same 2015 LG TV, and honestly it's bad.
                              What I found was the memory was full, causing it to run slow and crash. Go-to the settings, clear cache, and it should become "very fast" for 2015-Standards. My brother's Samsung TV on the other hand takes 23 seconds to turn on, about 9 seconds to turn off, and doesn't change channels half the time.

                              Btw, as someone who had the N900, I am a big fan of Tizen OS... however their implementation on their TVs were and are atrocious. Their phone implementation was great for its 2008-2010 era, but stopped/slowed after that. On a Watch, it's the best software experience after Apple's. Google has a long way to go in comparison.

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                                • 10 Jan 2022

                                I have tried syncing my active 2 smart watch and it has updated Tizen on the watch.

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                                  • 10 Jan 2022

                                  Anonymous, 09 Jan 2022Samsung confirms it won't do away with Tizen in favour... moreThey also said they wouldn't remove the wall plugs from the new phones.

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                                    • 10 Jan 2022

                                    Anonymous, 09 Jan 2022Never even heard of TizenMaybe get out of that rock you live under.

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                                      • 10 Jan 2022

                                      Monesh Dedhia, 09 Jan 2022I have used this Nokia's Meego series phone, it was am... morere-branded in 2017? My first smartwatch was a Samsung Gear 2 Neo and I got that in 2014, running TizenOS. Watch still works great (for what it is) to this day.

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                                        • 10 Jan 2022

                                        Spastech, 09 Jan 2022Oh no....... In other news This is a better / more relevant article than the "switch to iPhone" from last week.
                                        And for myself (others as well I imagine) this is way way more relevant than any info about Xiaomi / Huawei or other third world brands.