Samsung shuts down the Tizen app store

08 January 2022
The last Tizen OS-powered smartphone was released back in 2017.

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What about those who are using z series phones like z flip and z fold??

    And what happens to Tizen on Watch 3 ? Also, they are moving from 22 to 20 mm for bracelet now, as I saw in several bracelet boxes 'Compatibles with Samsung Galaxy Watch4 or later series' ;-)

    I kept my 3 because BIA sensor on Watch4 isn't as good as promised and battery life suck in my usage (Barely more than a day) with no fast charging, I'd rather watch for the Pixel Watch (pun intented)

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      • 7sr
      • 09 Jan 2022

      Treason. All those Korean customers left in the lurch. They should have left open 10 years after last phone sale, and offer download mitigation strategy for anybody who can make their phone last longer. It won't cost them much time role the service into part of another store, and leave it idle in the background. If this is what you get from Samsung. If they announce they would drop Android this year, your phone's would have 4 years or so Samsung apps, if Google drive d it 4+ years of android Play store. Doesn't seem that fine when you think of it like that, does it?

        Or They can use tizen os for smart feature phone like kai os phones .or create Nokia asha like phone series !

          Thanks for the memories, farewell!