Google asks Apple to stop green bubble bullying on iMessage

10 January 2022
The Twitter account of Android says “the solution exists”, suggesting the multi-colored bubble solution should be axed.

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Google should really create a better app to compete with iMessage then if that's the case. Drama over messaging apps and color bubbles. SMH. How American.

Sigh... Battle over a color.... color me surprised over this case... ^^;

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Lol really? The color is there so we know if the message is going through SMS or is an encyrpted iMessage... Since the "messages" receives both, it is important to distinguish if you are talking in an encyrpted chat or not... It is not the same as whatsapp or signal, where you know everyone you message there is using that same service and hence you know you are getting encrypted messages...

Ignorance is bliss - making a problem out of something that is the opposite.

  • Avon Barksdale

DaFink, 10 Jan 2022Shhh, what are you trying to do, start a rumble??? You c... moreWho do you think you are to not be tribalistic and loyal to smartphone manufacturers who may or may not know of your existence?

bulbulito.bayagbag, 10 Jan 2022Why not try both android and ios?Shhh, what are you trying to do, start a rumble???

You can’t go around uttering such sound and reasonable logic on this site!

MGNateYT, 10 Jan 2022Honesty I dont care , but this js an issue this js just ano... moreIncentivise is the word you are looking for, ‘pressure’ would imply some form of coercion, which is reach no tech company has, not even the big scary Apple. Consumers have their own free will to make their own choice, no matter how attractive is the product being offered.

Apple simply favour their own services on their own platforms, running on their own products in order to sustain and promote the growth of their own business.

People are so stupid they will find a way to make drama involving two colors. Pathetic :)

Dan, 10 Jan 2022It's how iOS processes messages and data transfer from... moreIt’s hardly either, unless you view it through an extremist lens. It’s business, nothing more, Apple are under no obligation to alter iMessage, a proprietary service, to suit Google’s whims. How people react to this is up to them.

And let’s not forget one thing, Google are a services company first and foremost, offering services in exchange for data which can them be sold for revenue and profit. And as a service company, Google rely on Apple as a portal for their services, not exclusively of course, but an important one in several major markets nonetheless.

So Google being shut out of iMessage, which is entirely within Apple’s purview, are venting their frustration. They could in turn decide to withhold any number of their own services on Apple’s platforms if they decided to, but no, that would ultimately cost them dearly. Apple on the other hand, have no real business insensitive to offer iMessage on Android, or alter it in any way to suit Google.

Again, it’s just business. And before I get accused of being a fanboy, isheep, Apple cultist or any of that other unimaginative childish cr*p, I’m not saying I agree with either side, I can just understand some of the logic of what is going on here, beyond personal biases.

In the US, majority of the devices they use are iPhones and Samsung. These two brands take a large chunk of users.

[deleted post]Why not try both android and ios?

Oliva, 10 Jan 2022Come on, owning an iPhone doesn't mean you are a part ... moreTrue, I own both ios and android devices.

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This is not company problem. Its problem of people behaviour. If somenone wants to bully, he or she will find another instrument. You know: clothes brands, phone brands, car brands, glasses brands, jewelry brands, etc.... If someone bullies someone else, he is stupid. Apple cant stop this.

ColinsCity, 10 Jan 2022This is definitely an american problem which has started to... moreHonesty I dont care , but this js an issue this js just another way for apple to pressure people to buy an iphone.

  • AngryLithuanian

Americans and their mental problems lol The only reason why daddy Google cares is because children are complaining and it might hurt their sales. Empty article but thanks for a good laugh.

In uae here, one of the most advanced countries in the world, we don't really use imessege, even though most of us are iOS users. Because there's a lot of apps like snap chat and Instagram which is more easier or convineint in some way. Because of the videos and selfie features too. Others are whatsapp and telegram.

  • Dan

It's how iOS processes messages and data transfer from Android to iOS. iOS does not optimize data being transferred from Android devices thus lowering the quality of videos and pictures being sent from Android to iOS devices. This is a psychological and sociological battle as well.

Noneone, 10 Jan 2022Literally grossThe people that do that are usually the ones that get the iPhones and address other phones as 'Android'.

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2022Imagine reacting eww or gross just because someone have a d... moreLiterally gross

If people shame other people for having android device you should really be ashamed of that. Just because you had privilege that your parents bought you an iPhone doesn't mean you can just go and make fun of people having android device, either way people buy android because they like it or because they don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a device that can do everything just like a $300 android device (if not even more), and also if they don't have money so they need a device that works fine. iPhone is an excellent device but it's not something to be ,,proud" of or start showing off. Many androids works just like them, smooth and good.
That screams from you that you're an addict of the company's logo which is SICK!
If you're going thru this i'm very sorry and i feel bad for you, just remember that people who do this are addicts of logos. That's all what i have to say, having an android is not bad and it will never be.

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Who cares just use whatsapp