Firefox Focus for Android now prevents websites from tracking you via cookies

11 January 2022
The Total Cookie Protection feature makes its way to the Android version of the browser.

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  • Zie the one

In this day and age you need "compartmentalization", and it means you need to separate your work online into different platforms
Use Duckduckgo as your daily browser and save your favorite websites to easily access them, and keep Brave's incognito mode for when ever you need the superior Google search over Duckduckgo's, and lastly for my brothers and sisters suffering from blocked internet like I do, use TOR in these circumstances

  • Anonymous

Why don't you try Brave Browser?Its the best in regards to privacy.

newq, 13 Jan 2022Well, Tor is surely a very secured browser, but it can'... moreMan thats right depends on speed of your PC or Phone and also speed of your internet. TOR yes its kinda slow sometimes but is the safest way and option.

  • newq

CptPower, 12 Jan 2022Dear people. When comes to best brownser you can get for ... moreWell, Tor is surely a very secured browser, but it can't be a reliable daily-use browser because it is pretty slow to load page.

Anonymous, 12 Jan 2022I have never seen Pocket or any other such bloat in Firefox... moreIm talking about Firefox on desktop last time i tried it.

Also Firefox is no longer what they used to be for me.

  • Anonymous

I've tried many browsers. For computers Chrome is great. For phones Opera is great. Using both.

  • Anonymous

DarkKnight9, 12 Jan 2022Firefox is the best browser on Windows. As an Android a... moreOpera is spyware trash but for media consumption on mobile/PC it's great. I use it all the time for no login stuff.

  • co

Goodfellow, 12 Jan 2022You are better off with brave & librewolf. Look them up.nope Firefox simply the best

  • Goodfellow

You are better off with brave & librewolf. Look them up.

Seems pretty cool. I currently use the standard Firefox (sometimes I get issues but it loads websites that other 3rd-party browsers cannot load) and I use Aloha as a backup. I like that Aloha has free VPN baked in.

Firefox is the best browser on Windows.

As an Android app, it still has some issues. But I'll use anything other than Chrome and crappy Opera.

  • Anonymous

aReefer, 12 Jan 2022Opera? No thanks. You do know who owns it, right? ... moreI have never heard about any of them. Is there any details on what bad activities they do? Or something about how they are worse than Google?

  • Anonymous

GAMIR3DH, 12 Jan 2022"Secure" with a bunch of useless stuff that makes... moreI have never seen Pocket or any other such bloat in Firefox Focus. You might be confusing with some other browser.
Please try the browser before you comment something bad about it

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Jan 2022Someone still using firefox after 2021 events? oh boi, good luck.I am lucky, still alive after the 2020 & 2021 events

  • Anonymous

Safari is worst browser.
Edge is crap too.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Jan 2022Since Opera belongs to a Chinese company I don't trust... moreOpera may be owned by Chinese companies, but it still has to obey Norwegian and European privacy laws because it primarely operates there.

TOR brownser does same thing way better than any other brownser and is way better in every aspect.

Dear people.
When comes to best brownser you can get for free nothing beats TOR is the most secure brownser you can have and works perfectly on any windows or android device.
TOR brownser is way better than anything else.

Apart from that i love opera because when i close it i start where i left and will remember all pages i usualy needs and use. Other brownsers starts from scratch.
Also i can disable all ads and advertising in settings. Not many brownsers can do that and even if they do some sites restrict you and wont allow you to enter,

In case of TOR is the most secure and private brownser anyone can have.
Its free to use. Noone will ever track you and everything that would bother you on every site is gone. TOR leaves no traces after your visit and makes your home adress literary invisible. Also its not costly for your disk space and hardware of your PC .
When comes to brownsers TOR is the most secure you can have and thus is your best option and friend when brownsing over internet.

YoloBS, 12 Jan 2022Only if they support addon on this browser . Anyway kiwi an... moreDont know Kivi. Firefox is okay but opera is way better and nothing beats TOR.

AnonD-1033404, 12 Jan 2022Samsung browser for life Every brownser is way better than Samsung brownser.
For me best are OPERA and TOR.