Benco V80s is a privacy-focused phone without cameras and GPS

12 January 2022
It still sports a waterdrop notch for some reason.

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  • I am me

I personally could care less if my phone has gps or not. But for me a camera is a deal breaker. I do not allow pictures of me for personal (religious) reasons. So for me it seems hypocritical to own cameras so I do not buy them. Also I used to work in a factory that did not allow cameras of any kind on the factory floor to protect intellectual property and to avoid corporate espionage. So I can see lots of reasons for not wanting a camera on a phone. I personally am really happy with my flip phone that has no camera. But with the latest "upgrade" to 5g they are making almost all phones that have a camera on them obsolete. All that said where can I get this? I am in Washington state so flying to Saudi Arabia for a phone is kind of out of the question.

  • Ttd

YUKI93, 13 Jan 2022Just removing the camera and GPS won't make it any mor... moreSo what's out there without a gps phone wise that cannot be tracked to it's location period???

  • Mohammed

This is good for people working in army or controlled areas (oil n gas, power, petrochemical plants) where usage of cameras are restricted

These kind of phones are having big market here in UAE, But good products are not available.

  • fonzie

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2022cool phone! i wonder if it has face recognition? if it does... moregood one 😂

  • Anonymous

cool phone! i wonder if it has face recognition? if it does then i'll look forward to it!

  • Samitty sam

If they, now, put out gsm communications it would be nice "small" tablet for kids.

Just removing the camera and GPS won't make it any more private if there is Google Mobile Services installed. If they really want to focus on privacy, do what GrapheneOS and CalyxOS did. Better still, ditch Android altogether and go full-on Linux.

  • Anonymous

Lucifer, 12 Jan 2022Their main stream customer seems like people who are terror... morelols as long there is browsing & if it uses GMS and apps can still be track through 4g mobile towers or wifi point

  • Anonymous

That notch and rear mounted fingerprint scanner really ruin the aesthetic of this phone. I know it's not meant to be a fashionable piece but i've always hated rear mounted fingerprint scanners because you have a hole on your case for dirt and dust to get in.

Anonymous, 12 Jan 2022That guy, Demongonort, will buy them all. He hates the self... moreWell selfie is funny, Good for having a nude chat with a girlfriend over VOLte or so.

  • AnonD-1034169

Oh this has to be the joke of the week thanks GSM for making me laugh today, Benco seriously?

Just some generic junk like Nokia churns out even left the teardrop notch as it's just a regurgitated chassis.

  • Lucifer

Their main stream customer seems like people who are terrorist and spies so they can't be tracked by police and people and they don't need to take pictures

  • Inva

This means the phone runs official Android, in which case it's literally a spying-device which can collect everything EXCEPT video and position.

iOS and Android are private from other people, but never from Google, Apple, or their government. But most people are OK with this.

" Benco V80s is a privacy-focused phone without cameras and GPS
It still sports a waterdrop notch for some reason. "

Along with the comments of others, I consider the following reasons for notch:

Helps you find the top of the phone.
Can be used for proximity and ambient light sensor, If the camera space is empty.
Split notification bar to two side Which may seem somehow neat.
Waterdrop Notch is better than Punch Hole, Because It's not like a dead pixel (eyesore),
Punch hole may seem stylish at first glance (It depends on what the display shows) but i prefer black of upper of front camera. dead-pixel-like is more annoying. much more than of any notch, I'm not sure but maybe even more than a long notch.
I need to test phones with different front camera position (bezels, notch, waterdrop, punch hole, pop-up and etc.).
Notch is soothing when you work with phone, (except horizontal mode and/or full screen mode) I feel rounded corners with bezel is not good, i don't know about Sony phones' Bezels that are without rounded corners, it is probably like 16:9 phones that were ok and even better [without considering 21:9 aspect ratio].
16:9 phone is good, but a phone around 20:9, is better when with notch because you have more screen instead thick bezels (some may prefer old phones' aspect ratio / style / screen real estate).

But when you rotate phone you may find notch so bad, i mean on full screen mode, The upper black part that is tangential to the camera, same as punch hole but that may look a bit better than notch, i don't know, i should test (more),
The problem is when it happens, You'll have rounded corners at the bottom while full corners (without cutout) at the top. [=Asymmetry],
* in my case, Around the phone glass protector of the phone is black, So I could not test the notch experience well.

I instinctively know the notch well when I look at the top of the phone while standing mode,
To tell which is better/best, Despite we do not have many choices nowadays,
I should try phones with different camera replacement: notch, hole, and those without cutout, Given that it also depends on the type of use.

Anyways i want to listen your opinion about mine and why other option is better.

PS: Waterdrop notch is good, In this text, Notch is waterdrop notch most of times, and not long notch, Except when I wrote the notch next to the water drop.

PS 2: A Cutout for single camera has also advantage of finding camera easyliy whle taking selfie or video call.

PS 3: Punch-hole on the left corner is not symmetrical but probably better for gaming.

PS 4: Every Kind of cutout is bad for gaming and also bad for watching videos, Without the black space you lose some of your content.

I'm interested to know why LG used only notch in its flagships.

Please read the comment posted by someone else, Which may satisfy you:

Punch holes look absolutely atrocious. Nothing more disturbing aesthetically than a hole …

I don't remember his name, but this guy who keeps hating on selfie cameras, here's your phone! 🤣

  • SpecialGuestStar

The next-gen will be without Wi-Fi?

Nice. More variety and diversity. Benco is hearing the cries of a particular user here that wants some models without selfie camera. Which is all good and fine, by the way.

Well, Benco even went one step further; answered your future plea by removing both selfie and rear, and also GPS, for better privacy.


  • Anonymous

Notch? My guess is for proximity sensor and privacy?? LoL, as long the phone running android. There's no privacy 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Anonym

It's one idiotic decision after another. Can't wait to see what is the security patch included. From the same guys that claim "the latest" Android 11, leave a notch on the screen despite no front camera, and chose a largely unvetted Unisoc for their "security focused phone", I wouldn't hold my breath...

There is a lot to laugh about this phone, but other comments have already pointed that out. From the fact a microphone is far more powerful than a camera because it's omnidirectional while the camera only captures what's in front of it, to the fact there are other ways of tracking you that don't required GPS but are just as effective, such as WiFi surveying and ultrasonic beaconing for private parties, to cell mapping for state-sponsored parties, and the cherry on top: vanilla Android and the myriad of beaconing it does to Google (by default).

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 12 Jan 2022Wonder how many will sell and how many people will buy. T... moreThat guy, Demongonort, will buy them all. He hates the selfie camera and wishes it gone.