Benco V80s is a privacy-focused phone without cameras and GPS

12 January 2022
It still sports a waterdrop notch for some reason.

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rizki1, 12 Jan 2022thank you Benco you made me laugh today. Me too. So, for what using water drop display if there are no selfie camera at all? Since when camera become privacy issue? Is this phone made for president and king/queen?

Wonder how many will sell and how many people will buy.
This is the weirdest of the weird since xelibri lines.

  • Nivedh

If there's no front cam they could've removed the notch and made it a good one
I would have brought it for watching videos

KondriX, 12 Jan 2022Or you can turn on Airplane mode to be offline, or maybe st... moreExcept turning in airplane mode doesn't help with anything

Phone will still send out WiFi pulses

Android has baked in anti privacy features in the OS itself

People really don't understand how near impossible privacy is nowadays

  • Anonymous

Would be cool if they might have used hole punch display and instead of camera have a keyring in the display hole

thank you Benco you made me laugh today.

Or you can turn on Airplane mode to be offline, or maybe stop using a phone at all if you are so concerned about privacy.

  • Anonymous

2022 and some people still think someone is gonna use phone's camera to watch the user, while the criminal could instead access messages, emails and steal passwords.

  • JayJay

It will surely 'Fail' in the market

  • xyz

but, but it uses Unisoc chip... what if there's intentional backdoors in it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Jan 2022There's an even better privacy phone out there. It... moreI use paper cups and string. Very secure and private.

  • Anonymous

There's an even better privacy phone out there. It's called the NoPhone. It's got no calling or sms features, no cameras to record you, no batteries that can explode, no screen to distract you, nothing. Ultimate safe phone. Check it out

great..i was waiting for this type of phone specly without gps...gonna buy 1👌👌👌👌

  • Magnificent Suleiman

So, it doesn't come with GPS or cameras but does come with a microphone, 4G and Android which likely means it will have GMS.

The whole idea of this device is dumb, it's like putting a steel door (and only that) in a grass field as means of protection.

  • Swaraj

I'll definitely buy this

  • An0n

Yext, 12 Jan 2022I sure hope it won't, nothing from this company is secure.Yea, this is next level of stupidity

Noirjer, 12 Jan 2022Maybe they feel bad giving people very appealing display. H... moreI sure hope it won't, nothing from this company is secure.

lewein, 12 Jan 2022because of incompetent management, that's why. Managem... moreNot really, it's a rebranded phone with features removed and that's why. Every phone is just rebranded garbage from this company. This is less secure than any phone from any reputable company.

constipation, 12 Jan 2022"Yeah, we ditched the camera and GPS to ensure you no ... more"And we kept the fingerprint scanner. You know, just in case the government want your fingerprint data"
CMMIW but even without gps, network operators can still get your estimate location based on the closest tower your phone sim's connected to, right?

  • Sid..

Wait till next version with No camera, no GPS, no internet, no fingerprint scanner, no network.. a perfect privacy phone..