vivo NEX 5 will have a 7" screen, 5x periscope camera, tipster says

14 January 2022
NEX 5 first surfaced last year, but there hasn't been a new model in the series since 2020.

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i used to have 7" Galaxy Tab and i think it's called tablet

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alcatraz, 15 Jan 2022Bingo! Ever since phones became narrower we've lost a ... moreAmen to that. Mate 20X 4G still kills it in 2022.

Bingo! Ever since phones became narrower we've lost a lot of screen area. A 7in phone has a tiny screen compared to an older 6.5 inch 16:9.

I consume a lot of media and none of it is 20:9 so I'm just getting black bars or cropped pictures on top of an already small screen. It's just all shit.

My dream is a foldable phone that unfolds to like 8-9 inch 16:9

Or a 7.5-8 inch bezel less 20:9 phone.

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2022Phablets are not phablet these days I remember 5.7" w... moreRemember, aspect ratios changed. 6.2" 16:9 is practically the same size as a 20:9 7" phone. Phones have gotten taller because of social media sites despite video-viewing not changing from 16:9 (with the exception of 21:9).

  • Wongwatt

That’s one huge display!
Though if it’s really curved it will just be as massive as other silly sized phones rather that even more ridiculous.

Vivo's NEX series...MAY be one of the last bastions of the 3.5mm jack because of the usual integration of the discrete DAC. For that it may still make my shortlist because of Asus's stubborn refusal to put decent camera setups in their ROGP series.

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2022NEX 5 is a Sony mirrorless camera, vivo. After S10e, they a... moreGotta agree about the name, and I had a NEX 7 too, it was a unique model at the time for the size, weight, feature set...especially for adapting fast compact manual lenses like the Contax 50/1.4, with a Speedbooster.

  • M1999

rizki1, 14 Jan 2022just like 3.5mm and microSD slot, people want it but in rea... moreYup, this is why I have a giant phone. It was either that or no headphone jack, SD card slot and a worse battery life than my old phone for more money. The market is just not representative anymore

  • xjesus

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2022Screen area S21 ultra = 112.1cm2 Z Ultra = 112.9cm2 ... moreThey are not the same, is much worse for Youtube videos.

  • Anonymous

Vivo is the only BBK to use periscope in 2022.
Find X5 Pro will have same setup of X3 Pro (no JN1 instead of imx766 like one plus) ..

  • Anonymous

elf11, 14 Jan 2022Same story here, But unfortunately with these super tall as... moreScreen area

S21 ultra = 112.1cm2
Z Ultra = 112.9cm2

6.8" 20:9 and 6.4" 16:9 are almost same.

  • Anonymous

This phone will surely be below 170mm.
And if vivo uses another ratio like 19:9, phone will be even shorter, just wider.

S21U with 6,8" 20:9 is 165mm.

Finally a proper sized phone, and with hopefully no notch/punch hole being a NEX.
Just loose the curved display edges, please, it's the only thing holding it back.

LoLoL, 14 Jan 2022My prays are with you. Since 2018 no big screen. Got to s... moreSame story here, But unfortunately with these super tall aspect ratios the 7" would be more like a 6.5" with 16:9 ratio in terms of surface area! It seems to me all the manufacturers have fixed this together, it will be no huge screen phone or high-end mini tablet(with the exception of iPad mini) anymore in favor of the foldable I guess! Mi max 3 and the great mate 20X were the last of them.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2022I'll never understand Chinese companies and their obse... moreIt's called natural progression of phone usage from making and receiving calls to becoming a mobile media and entertainment centre therefore screens get bigger to accommodate that need. Chinese companies are at the forefront of this.

Not to mention there's more components and features that need to be crammed into a phone then ever before.

Still following along?

  • Anonymous

Phablets are not phablet these days
I remember 5.7" was phablet and now it's compact
Did we changed our pocket size or our taste?
I'm using a bag for carrying my smartphone
What will be next tablet to portable pc? idk,maybe 15" or 17" tablets

ABOUT TIME WE SEE THE 7 INCH MARK HIT....if this bad boy has a headphone jack and resolution equal to the s22 ultra .......I'll pay 1500 for the mf

  • Anonymous

NEX 5 is a Sony mirrorless camera, vivo. After S10e, they are now reusing camera names. What a joke of a company.

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2022This is just too small. Gotta be at least 27 inches for my ... moreMaybe who knows one day 😜
But then u must live with the small toy phones untill.

But honestly, some people just like a big phone because its an different experience.
Some people have huge hands etc etc
Good luck everything else we can get in different sizes, cars, shoes, jeans etc.

Why are the mobile fans like this.
Have to hate/laugh of all they dont like themselves.
I never hear people say the same about other stuff, not line this.

notafanboy, 14 Jan 2022Why 7"??? Periscope is very nice, but man 7" is j... moreBut why bother of this, 99,9999999% of phones its much smaller.
I wonder why people want a tiny phone, but again we all er different with different needs and good luck for that or it really was a boring world if all had the same needs.
So 1 pcs bigger phone (with good specs) worldwide is not to much i think, compared to? I dont know how many 6,7 +/- inch 😳

1 pcs... And this is maybe only, only msybe, no one still knows. and still not big enough for big display lovers, then we have 0, thats really something.