Oppo Reno6 Lite official with SD 662, 5,000 mAh battery

17 January 2022
The device was introduced in Mexico and is already up for grabs.

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  • Anonymous
  • tZ4
  • 19 Jan 2022

Kamui, 18 Jan 2022Another curious thing, the Galaxy A52s 5G is here in Mexico... moreBuyers that don't know much about specs will fall easily to Oppo's huge advertising campaign. When they are bombarded with Oppo ads everyday and everywhere, eventually they will be curious and have a look at Oppo phones. Mobile phone sellers also like to 'recommend' Oppo phones because of attractive profit margins and incentives.

The advertising cost and seller incentive ultimately got passed down to these unsuspecting buyers that naively believe they bought 'Oppo, the best phone in the market'.

    Shadocx, 17 Jan 2022The Reno 6 Lite seems to be a rebranded A74.Sorry for my rudeness amd thanks.

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      • Kamui
      • LtJ
      • 18 Jan 2022

      Another curious thing, the Galaxy A52s 5G is here in Mexico with a difference of +$80, but with WAY BETTER SPECS... but people loves the chinese "quality -price"...

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        • 6r7
        • 18 Jan 2022

        This is the price for the Mexico! Usually the prices are higher than in other parts of the world, but I agree, the price is still high.

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          • Raghvendra Singh
          • 56E
          • 18 Jan 2022

          I use poco m2 since last 1year , poco m2 has meditek helio g80, RAM-6GB, it is very smoothon gaming and it has6. 53inch large screen to play ga me and watch videos, I am very happy for this I Love xiaomi

            Have you ever compared 3 phone models and seen no difference? https://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=10764&idPhone2=11195&idPhone3=11196#diff-

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              • gringo
              • fwy
              • 18 Jan 2022

              this is a scam ... CIA and FBI alerted !

                Oppo is just milking the Reno series at this point..

                the first 2 phones of the Reno series were great and streamlined but now here we are, 7 generations in with minimal upgrades for a price way more than it's worth..

                  jaderode, 18 Jan 2022i know that smartphone should not be exclusively only based... moreThat's oppo. That's why I suspicious oppo Find N sold just in seconds only to hyping it tricky marketing with lowest price. And look at reno6 lite's price. More than $400 for a SD 662 phone? Wtf!

                    what the fkuc 😵😵😵
                    why on earth this company even exists 😠😡

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                      • A.khan
                      • sUv
                      • 18 Jan 2022

                      What! 662 with 433$

                        why not choose TECNO............

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                          • tZj
                          • 18 Jan 2022

                          Anonymous, 17 Jan 2022I use Oppo A74 since last year and i am totally happy. Its ... moreThat just means you have low criteria for what a good phone is...

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                            • mE0
                            • 18 Jan 2022

                            Niivelli, 18 Jan 2022Are you sure you're using Samsung Galaxy A73 4G?? When... moreThey most likely meant oppo a73

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                              • Pedro
                              • P1k
                              • 18 Jan 2022

                              Idk how is OPPO in other markets but here in Mexico OPPO is the most expensive brand of Android cellphones, even more than Samsung. They are running a huge ad campaing trying to sell their cheap chinese garbage as "premium" and sadly many people are falling in it.

                                Kimbly009, 17 Jan 2022Same as I am also happy with my A73 4G 2020 it's a Bea... moreAre you sure you're using Samsung Galaxy A73 4G?? When did you get it ?? Or you meant A72 4G

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • NtR
                                  • 18 Jan 2022

                                  0 innovation, 0 value for money.
                                  They slapped Maluma's picture in there and called it a day.

                                  On the other hand, anyone who buys this simply deserves it.

                                    It's just sad to witness what Oppo did with Reno series...

                                      guy, 17 Jan 2022I think we can all agree that this is extortionHahahaha...

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                                        • jaderode
                                        • nrN
                                        • 18 Jan 2022

                                        i know that smartphone should not be exclusively only based on what SoC it has because there's also important stuff such as screen, software, sound and sound recording quality, 4g/5g connectivity, NFC, storage speed etc but damn, SD 662 in 2022 for $433 wtf!!!!!!!