Samsung unveils Exynos 2200 with Xclipse GPU, based on AMD RDNA2 architecture

18 January 2022
This is the first mobile chipset with hardware-accelerated ray tracing and variable rate shading on mobile.

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Geekbench galaxy s22 exynos (digital chat station posted)

Single core : 1109
Multi core : 3534

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MarcosSD, 18 Jan 2022Name sure is fancyIt's boomer-ish
Adding X to be cool

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Anonymous, 18 Jan 2022Oh give me a break mister "big numbers". Like clo... more"Does GeForce RTX 3000 series seem terrible to you? Guess what, they are made in Samsung foundries"
Do you think that they only have 1 node model?
Samsung made IPhone 13 screens and they're better than Samsung flagship screens so...

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AnonD-1030581, 18 Jan 2022This will eat M1/M1 pro/Max for breakfast Samsung is the leader.I love it when people for whatever stupid reason compare mobile phone chips to laptop chips. Because that totally makes sense. Like comparing Snapdragon 888 to Ryzen 6900HX... That's how stupid comparing Exynos 2200 to Apple M1/M1 Pro/M1 Max is.

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2022Oh give me a break mister "big numbers". Like clo... moreWell, from watching Geekerwan's video on the Dimensity 9000, it does have a lead on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 in CPU performance while drawing less power. Though, the GPU performance wasn't quite the same.

Also, Exynos 2100 was only on par with the Snapdragon 888 in CPU, the GPU was still weaker (this is the reason why they ditched Mali GPUs for AMD's)

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E2200 = X2 @ 2.8GHz + 3 x A710 @ 2.52GHz + 4 x A510 @ 1.82GHz

SD8G1 = X2 @ 3.0 GHz + 3 x A710 @ 2.50 GHz + 4 x A510 @1.80 GHz

D9000 = X2 @ 3.05GHz + 3 x A710 @ 2.85GHz + 4 x A510 @ 1.80 GHz

Name sure is fancy

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What is the hole on the top?

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Digital Chat Station on weibo yesterday

"Exynos 2200 is coming. One X2 super-large core + three A710 large cores + four A510 small cores. The GB5 database test frequency is 2.80 + 2.52+1.82, which is lower than that of Snapdragon 8 Gen1 and Tianji 9000. The GPU is an Xclipse 920 based on AMD RDNA2.
At present, the engineering machine has a single-core 1.1K multi-core 3.5K, and the frequency is conservative, so it is not much better than the previous generation."

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AnonD-1034642, 18 Jan 2022"I'd totally go for sony but they provide only 2 ... moreSony made clear xperia 1 and 5 are not getting android 12.
The policy is 30 months of support.
Want more? Buy more phones so they can spend more cash on software.

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AlienKiss, 18 Jan 2022S21/S22 FAIL: - no SD card slot - no 3.5mm jack - no WQH... moreYour future xperia 1iv is gonna cost $1400-1450 for the 12/256GB version.
Trust me ....

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lionking80, 18 Jan 2022There is a fundamental problem with your statement. If peop... moreindeed

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IpsDisplay, 18 Jan 2022People of android please do not follow iPhone fans And b... moreOh give me a break mister "big numbers". Like clock speed itself is indication of anything whatsoever. If it's high all of you are whining how it'll eat battery in 5 minutes and if it's lower you all whine how it'll be terrible in performance. BS that Samsung's fab node is terrible is also annoying. Does GeForce RTX 3000 series seem terrible to you? Guess what, they are made in Samsung foundries. And how is comparison to Exynos 2100 a bad example? E2100 is a baseline and we all know it's on par with Snapdragon 888. Can't you extrapolate any useful information from that? I know I can and if that means E2200 is 30% faster than E2100, that tells me A LOT.

Mediatek also said Dimensity 1000 will beat Snapdragon's flagship yet it wasn't even close. It was a good effort by Mediatek, but no cigar. They claim many things about Dimensity 9000 yet it's still nowhere to be found in actual products.

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so, braggin about
- amd
- 4nm platform
why doesnt samsung do this
- make ryzen in 4nm platform
- make windows 11 phones
- use samsung one ui
- use mark levinson dac and amp, its samsung subsidiary anyway
- pack them with 10.000 mAh battery
- let the users play gta v, star citizen, or any those insane graphics windows game, while doing microsoft office and adobe and corel stuff

... instead of ... braggin about not so different exynos to run on common games that are ot yet support of ray tracing

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JoeSugma, 18 Jan 2022What gamers want: Genshin Impact 4K 60fps HDR10+Chinese phones with 8g1 cannot even keep 52fps at lower resolution.
And want phone to run this game at 4K? LOL ......

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SamsungFan, 18 Jan 2022If the ISP gets improved then that'd be great. In my e... moreYes. I have seen S21U SD888 x S21U E2100 and the snapdragon variant does better.

The 21/21+ with snapdragon also do better because main camera is an exmor.

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IpsDisplay, 18 Jan 2022People of android please do not follow iPhone fans And b... more"People of android please do not follow iPhone fans"
When Android OEMs are biggest Apple fans?

People of android please do not follow iPhone fans

And be sold on a logo.. AMD is the logo in this case

Look at the clues:

1)Samsungs poor 4nm process

2)Samsung hiding clock speed (just like what they did with the exynos 990)

3) the spec sheet is very vague and looks like a copy and paste of the exynos 2100

4) this is a first generation GPU that no one has optimized for yet..

5) making comparison with only the last generation exynos soc

Abandon your optimism for your own good folks

Mediatek was talking about class leading performance in their first promotion video and was even build enough to compare to the 888 and A15... Just think about that for a moment.

Lastly the exynos 2100 did not have functioning AV1 codec even though the chipset supports it

And ray tracing isn't a game changer in Mobile currently

sm4rt4ss, 18 Jan 2022You people are complaining about the chips overheating like... moreThis is a lie

Picture taking heats up phones real fast.. this is something the average consumer WILL encounter

I see this with iPhone users getting pop up messages about temperatures and stopping the phone from taking more

Even in entry level phones this will happen .. so that 5% is a very dishonest projection

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This will eat M1/M1 pro/Max for breakfast
Samsung is the leader.