Side-loading apps on iOS without jailbreak - now possible

02 January, 2013
New alternative services replace the dead Installous and they don't even require a jailbroken iDevice.

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  • Anonymous

Is there a way to get Zuesmos for free without jailbreaking?

  • Jannicca

Come on let's be real and stop being a hypocrite. Let's celebrate cause free stuff is always great.

  • Anonymous

Kuaiyong works, I tried it now and managed to get gta vice city on it fully working, there are a few YouTube videos explaining exactly how to use it because the program is currently only in chinese or Japanese I dont know. So yea, gone are the days of jailbreaking

  • Anonymous

AnonD-94869, 02 Jan 2013indeeed :)) but 80% of iphone users wich install like crazy... moreHi doctor !!!
The apps you are using are available to androids costing $100 , so iphone is a waste of money for you .
Is really so usefull for a doctor spent $1200 for the iphone to make free calls over skype

  • AnonD-81610

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2013Most people would be willing to pay up if app is worth the ... moreTruth be told most apps on the App store are 1$.
I think you can manage to pay 1$ if you think the app is good by checking some screenshots and a detailed description.

  • AnonD-77031

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2013Most people would be willing to pay up if app is worth the ... moreSome of their useful, apps actually have this.llike chm or pdf reader...

  • AnonD-77031

AnonD-94869, 02 Jan 2013indeeed :)) but 80% of iphone users wich install like crazy... moreDoctor huh?how come u don't have goodreader?every doctor i know wil buy goodreader (or pirated it via jailbreak) and chmate..and qxmd med calc, and medscape, and many journal made apps...are you sure u just use ur iDevice only for 5 appps u just mention?that doesn't sound too doctor..

  • Anonymous

AnonD-85410, 03 Jan 2013After install the app can't sync with itunes..anyone encoun... moreForget itunes, use Kuaiyong for getting apps you want and then use CopyTrans Manager to load music/movies/ringtones on your Iphone/Ipad/Ipod....who needs itunes :)

  • Anonymous

It is a bluff. iOS cannot side load unsigned apps without jailbreaking which is in fact a replacement of genuined OS with another one tampered using a firmware upgrade mechanism. Jailbraking is changing the original OS with a tampered OS through upgrade. The original OS cannot install apps out of Apple store, all apps accepted having been signed with a certificate.

  • M4JK

have downloaded this app on my iphone 5 and does what it says, well partly what it says, you cant back it up to your itunes and it wasnt allowing me to download files over 1gb, not all files can be downloaded there is a option in the bottom to say "request link" but i dont think my requests are being met

apart from that i would say its a good app worth the money and easy to use.

  • Defectus

I like this. That's because i now can install xbmc!

  • dreamkiller

suchal, 02 Jan 2013u don't save, you steal. you do injustice with us, we devel... moreyou dont sound like a dev.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jan 2013then find another job that can feed the mouths of your chil... moreYour comment makes no sense at all.

So what you're saying is that a victim of crime is suddenly the one at fault because they were aware that criminals were out there...??

There are criminals in every facet of society affecting every aspect of it at some level. What the victims of those crimes really need to hear is some childish little tit telling them to stop whining & go do something else...

  • Retard

Guys, will those work on iPad 4? Any problem will occur by using it. Please help me.

  • AnonD-85410

After install the app can't sync with itunes..anyone encounter the same prob?

  • kirk

AnonD-16809, 02 Jan 2013Come on ! most of the apps are just $0.99i feel for the developers too. but situations vary per country or region. like our country, the philippines, people don't normally have credit cards or paypal accounts or postpaid lines that can pay for these apps. so even if i have cash, it will be a lot of hassle to setup a ccd or a paypal acct and load money into it. also $0.99 is about 40 pesos, and can feed a family for a day in some poor areas, so that's the equivalent value of some apps. maybe if they adjust the prices of the apps according to the financial status of an area or country, piracy may be reduced.

  • Anonymous

I wish there is a "rental - free" version for app store. So we might test paid apps if they are worth buying. I believe people would buy if it is worth the money.

Sideloading apps from other sources could be dangerous and risky. Rather do things officially then pirated.

Its like eating on the road side vs going to a restaurant.. u might end up having stomach ache and paying more.

  • Muhamad Amru Eldan

I admit that is stealing but there are a lot's of country that apple prevented them from buying apps and there are a lots of people want to try the app before buying it so please "Developer ask and ask apple to make try option for 1 week fro apps

  • AnonD-88074

there's a couple of apps i regret to buy... even i buy it discount. and i can't get my money back.. (actually there IS a way... >contact app store )

BUT there is a couple of apps i very satisfied to buy them... >> not just because it a great apps but it also very useful for me.. how do i know it was useful if i haven't try/trial it??
well i use "side loading app"... when i found it very useful for me... i will buy it! you can take my word...
when i found an app that not useful... i can just delete it..

  • Anonymous

Theasa92, 02 Jan 2013Look how smart you are !! the sales will actually graduall... morethen find another job that can feed the mouths of your children.. hard huh?? then don't complain!!

it's your choice to be an app developer while you know and aware of its risk.. so don't whine when your app got pirated.. many developer gets lots of credits from their product.. so grow up and try to be one...