Samsung confirms February launch event, promises a "noteworthy" Galaxy S22 Ultra

20 January 2022
The wordplay is obviously meant to invoke a merging of Note and S lines.

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  • Maria

Not mean to be pessimistic, the 60Hz display do not even bother me. The only two things I concern with current smartphone is IP68 rating, OIS and the price.

  • Anonymousse

Chixby, 21 Jan 2022Finally a true flagship device from Samsung that worth buyi... moreDon't buy into the hype. It's all marketing.
If you want to buy it, surely you can but there's no use buying it even when you're using an S10.

Anonymossy, 21 Jan 2022Samsung Galaxy S22 Note Ultra? ...that would be a mouthf... moreIt's better named Galaxy S22 Note Ultra than Galaxy S22 Ultra Pro +. Samsung should considering this name based on the form factor looks like Note 20 Ultra than the previous S 21 Ultra.

  • watsthepoint

little bit of this little bit of that - no innovation at all, instead backward steps NO SD Card and its a Note - how good is that if you cannot port and store the Notes - someone really needs to think about functions not features - i get the wired phono but there are some many options with plugs such functions make you pay more a little bit more of something you dont need/notice forget it good luck Samsung, join the Nokia, Sony, NEC, Blackberry, Motorola members club soon!

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2022So, how much is this going to cost? 2000€ ? Given how infla... moreJesus christ, I hate it when people try to guess that the price of these phones will jolt up all of a sudden by almost a whole grand.

No. That's very, very likely not going to happen. They might increase the price by 100 euros, but that'll be it.

The S21 Ultra was €1,249 at launch.

talha5007, 21 Jan 2022they should call it S22 Note Ultra, dropping Note branding ... moreSamsung Galaxy S22 Note Ultra?

...that would be a mouthful to say.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2022I really hope next year S23+ has the same camerasetup as th... moreI don't get this obsession for super big phones and giving the smaller models the less good camera, etc..I think the last recent camera flagship with manageable dimensions is the vivo x60 pro plus and sad that the new vivo flagship bumped the screen size.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2022So, how much is this going to cost? 2000€ ? Given how infla... moreim puzzled though how many people buy phones at full prices and see it depreciate a lot in a couple of months. i only buy phones at launch when you have a crazily good bundle like a pixel 6 i snagged with free qc45 earohones and 75€ google store voucher, all for 639€. In Italy you can get samsung flagships at -30% just by wiating for about 8 weeks.

Many of you outtahere complaining of overheating issues,
Kept me 🤔 w 💭....
Do you actually play games with your $1,000+ phones(talkless of heavy gaming) when you are all time "2_4_7" on gsmarena(waiting for the next article to arrive).
Even before the article arrives,U ARE ALREADY THERE AT IT'S COMMENT SECTION...

Yet you say "EXYNOS SUCKS"...definitely gsmarena makes your phone overheats.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2022The future is wireless. Accept itThe thing is, that future is not now.

In earlier years of tech, a feature would be removed only after it is obsolete for good. For example, optical media. There is no good reason to use them anymore, USB drives, internet etc. are much better alternatives to optical media. Thus, it is totally okay to remove optical drives.

However, the same is not true for wired audio and microSD slot. Wireless audio still has drawbacks that wired audio does not, audio latency and the need to recharge headphones to name a few. microSD can extend a phone's useful life by adding more storage to it as time goes on, something that phones without a microSD slot cannot do yet.

In short: I am disappointed in phone makers, because they remove features that, as of their removal, have alternatives with very real drawbacks. Earlier on, features would be removed only if they had good alternatives.

  • Chixby

Finally a true flagship device from Samsung that worth buying. Something that is not like a midrange phone on steroid

  • Anonymous

So, how much is this going to cost? 2000€ ? Given how inflated the price of S21 Ultra was and adding all the "Note" goodies like S-Pen and more, they'll surely charge ridiculous money for it. And dragged lower models along with it because they can't have that massive gap between them in price. And then they'll wonder why no one buys them...

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2022Provide Snapdragon variant on my region!!! Not only crappynos!!!agree...and zero shutter lag

Yeah the most noteworthy, as if for the past months or so we aren't bombarded with intentional leaks already. Better camera? Faster processor? Better display? What else? Isn't it every year we just get the same thing with minor improvements.

  • Anonymous

Please review both ultra and vanilla unit ASAP gsmarena... I'll decide to buy or not once your review is up :)

they should call it S22 Note Ultra, dropping Note branding will sure upset Note users.
come one sammy, dont let your loyal Note customer down.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2022The only thing noteworthy here is their shameless copying o... moreThe future is wireless. Accept it

  • Anonymous

Samsung is the best. I’m going to get the regular S22 or +

  • Anonymous

Great teaser video! Got me hyped up.

  • Anonymous

Provide Snapdragon variant on my region!!! Not only crappynos!!!